International MBA

10 months
Full time
+ 3 years

International MBA - Learning Experience

Our methodology

At EADA Business School, we are committed to our unique ‘learning by doing’ methodology; this practical approach is in our DNA. MBA classes are small, allowing for the daily exchange of ideas and debate among classmates and the personal guidance from professors that is so critical to our methodology. Class discussions are lively, as participants are encouraged to debate, persuade and defend viewpoints.

An integral part of the EADA MBA is our unique leadership development programme, which takes place in the Collbató Residential Training Campus. The Campus provides high impact, lasting learning by pushing participants out of their comfort zone. You will undertake challenges that give insight into your skills in a variety of areas including communication, delegation, motivation and leadership.

Marie Andrée Gandara

International MBA

Before the MBA, alumna Marie Andrée Gandara worked at the IFC (Investment Analyst International Finance Corporation; World Bank Group), and she is currently International Banking Head at Grupo Financiero de Occidente. In this video, she talks about the holistic approach of EADA’s methodology, which she sees as the key to becoming a great manager and leader.

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EADA’s two campuses


The EADA-Barcelona City Centre Campus

In the Barcelona City Centre Campus, you will be challenged in real-life business situations and called upon to make strategic decisions through case studies, business analysis and group discussions. The role of the professor is to ‘facilitate’ - reproducing real-world experiences which demand your involvement and action - and tutor your learning process.

The curriculum

Throughout the MBA curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on the integral learning processes. EADA uses a blend of techniques, which focus on problem solving and include knowledge areas, skills, attitudes and values to facilitate personal development.

Executive coaching

Through dynamic face-to-face interviews, you will work with a coach to identify and define objectives, discover new resources and approaches, establish workplace action plans, generate new insights and perspectives and align your efforts.

Final Business Project

The development of the project is the final step in a year of learning, providing you with the opportunity to experience new sectors or roles, build networks with a view to your post-MBA career goals or find out first-hand if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

The EADA-Collbató Residential Training Campus

EADA has its own residential training campus dedicated to your leadership development. At the campus, you will develop the emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and leadership capabilities it takes to be an effective manager, through outdoor training, role-plays and team-building activities. This experiential learning is combined with professor-led workshops focused on team and leadership theory, ensuring that you effectively transfer what you have learned to the workplace.


Your action plan

As an MBA participant, you will choose the competencies to develop and monitor during the programme, defining the starting point and the areas of improvement, as well as identifying the most relevant actions, resources and indicators.

Leadership Development Programme

The Leadership Development Programme is made up of three modules designed to develop your communication skills, the ability to work effectively in teams, and the capacity to creatively resolve differences.

Class profile

The MBA cohort includes between 60 and 70 participants (approximately half in the English track and half in the bilingual track) split into two classes the interact throughout the year to maximise networking.

international students
are bilingual
have lived, studied or worked abroad

Average age:

Average years of work experience: 5

54 % male
46% female

EADA’s methodology is based on small, diverse classes that ensure daily interaction with a wide variety of perspectives. Lively class discussions take place in an engaging, multicultural environment, in which you examine case studies and learn from others as they learn from you. The focus is on communication skills as you are encouraged to debate, persuade and defend viewpoints.

The diverse class profile ensures that you acquire highly valued skills such as the capacity to reflect, the ability to act in the face of change, the versatility to work in multifunctional teams and the adaptability to face the challenges of a global environment.


Professional background

Financial services
Media & entertainment
Public sector & NGOs
Pharma, biotech & healthcare
Transportation & logistics

Geographical background

South America
North America
Africa & Middle East
Central America & Caribbean


70% international faculty

100% with professional experience


With executive experience in companies such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, REVLON, Hewlett-Packard, Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, Gulf Bank, La Caixa, Almirall, Honda, Freixenet and Roche Pharmaceutical.


Practical teaching

Our faculty’s objective is to help you achieve your full potential. Professors focus on the development of the key skills and competencies for the solution of management challenges. Our faculty’s experience in business ensures real-world relevance and a strong pedagogical model promotes critical thinking and sound analytical skills. The role of the professor is to guide your learning by reproducing real-world experiences that demand your involvement and action.


Corporate links

As an executive training centre with more than 120 associated companies, EADA understands that being close to business is one of the central pillars of its activity. EADA faculty has extensive business experience, which ensures that you will be able to apply what you learn in class directly to your future career. Core faculty are joined by visiting professionals to provide insight into the challenges they face and explain how concepts introduced in class are being applied in their companies.