International MBA

10 months
Full time
+ 3 years

Our methodology

At EADA Business School, we are committed to our unique ‘learning by doing’ methodology; this practical approach is in our DNA. MBA classes are small, allowing for the daily exchange of ideas and debate among classmates and the personal guidance from professors that is so critical to our methodology. Class discussions are lively, as participants are encouraged to debate, persuade and defend viewpoints.

An integral part of the EADA MBA is our unique leadership development programme, which takes place in the Collbató Residential Training Campus. The Campus provides high impact, lasting learning by pushing participants out of their comfort zone. You will undertake challenges that give insight into your skills in a variety of areas including communication, delegation, motivation and leadership.

International MBA 2019 graduates

share with us their experience to the heart of Innovation and new Technologies during the international week at Singapore.

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EADA’s two campuses


The EADA-Barcelona City Centre Campus

In the Barcelona City Centre Campus, you will be challenged in real-life business situations and called upon to make strategic decisions through case studies, business analysis and group discussions. The role of the professor is to ‘facilitate’ - reproducing real-world experiences which demand your involvement and action - and tutor your learning process.

The curriculum

Throughout the MBA curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on the integral learning processes. EADA uses a blend of techniques, which focus on problem solving and include knowledge areas, skills, attitudes and values to facilitate personal development.

Executive coaching

Through dynamic face-to-face interviews, you will work with a coach to identify and define objectives, discover new resources and approaches, establish workplace action plans, generate new insights and perspectives and align your efforts.

Final Business Project

The development of the project is the final step in a year of learning, providing you with the opportunity to experience new sectors or roles, build networks with a view to your post-MBA career goals or find out first-hand if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

The EADA-Collbató Residential Training Campus

EADA has its own residential training campus dedicated to your leadership development. At the campus, you will develop the emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and leadership capabilities it takes to be an effective manager, through outdoor training, role-plays and team-building activities. This experiential learning is combined with professor-led workshops focused on team and leadership theory, ensuring that you effectively transfer what you have learned to the workplace.


Your action plan

As an MBA participant, you will choose the competencies to develop and monitor during the programme, defining the starting point and the areas of improvement, as well as identifying the most relevant actions, resources and indicators.

Leadership Development Programme

The Leadership Development Programme is made up of three modules designed to develop your communication skills, the ability to work effectively in teams, and the capacity to creatively resolve differences.

Class profile

The MBA cohort includes between 60 and 70 participants (approximately half in the English track and half in the bilingual track) split into two classes the interact throughout the year to maximise networking.

international students
are bilingual
have lived, studied or worked abroad

Average age:

Average years of work experience: 5

54 % male
46% female

EADA’s methodology is based on small, diverse classes that ensure daily interaction with a wide variety of perspectives. Lively class discussions take place in an engaging, multicultural environment, in which you examine case studies and learn from others as they learn from you. The focus is on communication skills as you are encouraged to debate, persuade and defend viewpoints.

The diverse class profile ensures that you acquire highly valued skills such as the capacity to reflect, the ability to act in the face of change, the versatility to work in multifunctional teams and the adaptability to face the challenges of a global environment.


Professional background

Financial services
Media & entertainment
Public sector & NGOs
Pharma, biotech & healthcare
Transportation & logistics

Geographical background

South America
North America
Africa & Middle East
Central America & Caribbean






EADA, like all top international schools, is absolutely prepared to take on an academic year with the flexibility that a global pandemic requires. From June 8th, EADA's doors have been open for face-to-face classes, under strict adherence to the social distancing guidelines required by the authorities. The start of the academic year is confirmed for October and our plan is to continue with this face-to-face model which guarantees safety for our participants and faculty whilst offering flexibility, with classes in online format for those candidates who for various reasons are not able to make the start of the programme in person.

In these times of uncertainty, EADA wants to provide full support and flexibility to our international participants. For this reason we have designed several alternatives.

Full-time Master programmes

  • The first trimester will be offered in two formats: face-to-face or online. If some participants cannot travel due to international travel restrictions, we will be able to provide online classes for the first trimester. Contact your Admission Manager by August 30th to let us know your decision of which path you prefer for the first trimester; online or face-to-face.
  • In addition, for our participants that cannot attend October's intake and prefer to delay, we have opened a second intake in January 2021 with a graduation date for November 2021. Our objective is to help all EADA's future students to finish their master in 2021.

Full-time MBA programme:

We have adapted our first trimester for all our of MBA participants to be able to travel to Spain at any point of time during the 1st trimester as we understand that you might face difficulties or delays in travelling.

The first trimester will be given in an innovative hybrid format, in which face-to-face and virtual classrooms are fully integrated and become one unique space.  

Our advanced technology include teacher tracking cameras, writing on blackboard, panoramic view of participants and high quality microphones so the remote participants can interact with their peers and be part of the class activities in real time.

Whether you choose to study online the first trimester or whether we are forced to move online in case of a lock down, EADA will offer a virtual learning environment that ensures a high-quality practical methodology and a personalised learning experience.

EADA has extensive experience in providing online executive education. Our team of academics has been working closely with the department of technology to make the changes necessary to offer an online experience completely aligned with the face-to-face version and fully compliant with the national and international university systems which accredit our diplomas.

EADA is ready to provide a high quality learning and immersive learning experience, in which you will be in the classroom, whether physically or remotely. Thanks to our technology, the virtual format will guarantee a hands-on, interactive methodology and will include a wide range of different events related to networking, recruitment and extracurricular activities. The future of learning starts now and EADA is ready for it.

EADA immersive learning experience will guarantee the academic success of our students and will offer alternatives to the in-person activities that are part of the programmes. The school is not considering partial or full refunds to participants who begin the programme online, or in the case that all classes were temporarily forced to go online.  The activities and experiences provided in a virtual environment will meet the academic and personal development objectives of the programmes. The education received will be given by the same team of academics, the number of credits will remain the same and the title gained on completion of the programme will also be the same. Obviously if an international trip cannot take place as happened this year, we will offer the option of taking the trip in one of the following editions or we will return the cost of the flight and accommodation accordingly.

EADA provides different alternative to support you in your project of graduating in 2021 (see question #2). However, if you prefer to defer your enrolment or admission, EADA will also be as supportive and flexible as possible.

If you have paid an enrolment deposit and prefer to postpone your studies, we will be able to book your place in 2021 class with priority, with no penalization. Your enrolment fee will be entirely transferred to 2021 payment plan.

Next intake for Masters are: January 2021 edition and September 2021. Next intake for MBA: September 2021.

If you are enrolled in October 2020 intake and prefer to postpone for 2021, contact your Admissions Manager by August 30th, 2020.

More than ever we understand you need our support. We do believe that education brings the tool to navigate through uncertain and changing times and we are supportive of our international applicants that trust EADA’s high level of education to give them the tools to do so. Admissions deadlines have been extended and we have opened rolling admissions for late applicants. Over the years we have designed an application process that is 100% online all while providing a personal assessment to all our candidates. We have developed our own online admission test platform so testing can be done from home. Technology is a way to bring us together and not apart, and you can start planning your future now.

In addition, since springtime we have been finding innovative ways to bring together our future cohort. Masterclasses, alumni webinars, one-on-one chat with your future faculty, and pre courses designed exclusively for our future participants have been just some of the ways we have worked to create a strong connection and assure you that EADA is dedicated to providing a personalised learning experience.


The Spanish government continues to support international students coming to Spain. For students from outside of the European Union, Spain has sent a clear message of welcome to foreign talent: any student visa holder will be allowed to enter the country, regardless of any active travel bans.

EADA is in regular contact with consular authorities to provide personalised feedback for students regarding any issues with the visa procedure in their home country.

If you have any problems in contacting your consulate and getting an appointment, please contact us at, we will provide support.

Our future participants receive the support from our partner relocation agency which provide many resources to help with opening bank accounts, finding accomodation and processing residency cards as well as recommendations of things to do in the city. In addition, EADA is preparing welcoming session in September so our international cohort can start networking even before the programme starts. Make sure to arrive in advance!

Thanks to our extensive experience in online teaching, EADA had the tool to take on the challenge to move online classes for all of our 2019-2020 cohort, over only a weekend. During the lockdown, our priority has been to provide in this virtual environment, the same quality of classes, real life case simulation and participative dynamic that characterizes our school’s methodology - all while ensuring more than ever personal support to our participants. In company virtual training and coaching session, virtual career fairs have taken place. Several extra curricular activities have been designed to bring together in this unique virtual space participants from their home, staff, international faculty and alumni community spread around the world.

EADA was first to reopen its doors to the current cohort the 8th of June. In the past few weeks, we have been beyond the programme content and designed extra activities so our international participants would be able to relive the EADA experience with an Extended Programme and live challenges with companies.


70% international faculty

100% with professional experience


With executive experience in companies such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, REVLON, Hewlett-Packard, Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, Gulf Bank, La Caixa, Almirall, Honda, Freixenet and Roche Pharmaceutical.


Practical teaching

Our faculty’s objective is to help you achieve your full potential. Professors focus on the development of the key skills and competencies for the solution of management challenges. Our faculty’s experience in business ensures real-world relevance and a strong pedagogical model promotes critical thinking and sound analytical skills. The role of the professor is to guide your learning by reproducing real-world experiences that demand your involvement and action.


Corporate links

As an executive training centre with more than 120 associated companies, EADA understands that being close to business is one of the central pillars of its activity. EADA faculty has extensive business experience, which ensures that you will be able to apply what you learn in class directly to your future career. Core faculty are joined by visiting professionals to provide insight into the challenges they face and explain how concepts introduced in class are being applied in their companies.