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International MBA - Admissions

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What we are looking for

The Admissions Committee carries out a global evaluation of each candidate, taking into account not only professional and academic experience, but also what makes you YOU.

The admissions process aims to identify candidates who will be able to adapt well to our practical learning methodology and make the most of their time at EADA. We want your own unique ‘voice’ to come through so that we can get an idea not only of your professional background, but of what kind of person you are inside and outside of the classroom. Successful candidates tend to possess the following qualities: emotional intelligence, the ability to work well in teams, leadership skills, communication skills and a high level of motivation.

Admissions process

1. Register on our online admissions platform by filling out the "Apply now" form on the right. You will receive an email with a link to register on the admission platform. On the platform, you can complete the application form and upload the required documents*:

  • Copy of university degree
  • University transcripts
  • Passport photo
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Copy of foreign passport or Spanish ID
  • CV

2. Complete a brief interview with the admissions manager.

3. Submit test results. Candidates have two options:

  • Submit results for the GMAT (min. 650) and the TOEFL (min. IBT 100) or IELTS (min. 7). (TOEFL or IELTS for non-native speakers only.) Our GMAT and TOEFL school code is 7024.
  • Take EADA’s own online admission test. EADA’s admission test is oriented to problem solving skills and critical thinking and does not aim to replace the GMAT, but rather to provide an accurate prediction of candidates’ performance in EADA’s programmes.

4. Complete a personal interview with the programme director.


Due to the confidential nature of committee decision-making, we regret that feedback on rejected applications is not given.


* Note that admitted candidates wishing to enrol will be required to submit original certified copies of the university degree and transcripts (officially translated into Spanish or English if in another language) and a certified copy of the passport (only for foreign candidates).

Request information


Admission rounds (2020-2021 academic year)



Payment of reservation

11 Oct. 2019 25 Oct. 2019 11 Nov. 2019*
15 Nov. 2019 29 Nov. 2019 15 Dec. 2019*
13 Dec. 2018 27 Dec. 2019 13 Jan. 2020*
24 Jan. 2020 7 Jan. 2020 24 Feb. 2020
21 Feb. 2020 6 Mar. 2020 21 Mar. 2020
20 Mar. 2020 3 Apr. 2020 20 Apr. 2020
24 Apr. 2020 8 May 2020 24 May 2020
22 May 2020 5 Jun. 2020 22 Jun. 2020
19 Jun. 2020 26 June 2020 10 Jul. 2020
After the last admission round deadline, EADA will have a rolling admission policy, and any remaining places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


The EADA MBA has several admission rounds, and we recommend applying for the earliest round possible, as soon as your application package is complete. You must fill out the online application form, upload all of the required documents, complete the admission test and do the interview before the deadlines listed below to be considered for an admission round.

We recommend completing your application package on the online admissions platform 2 weeks before the admission round deadline to ensure that you have time to complete the interview and admission test.

Applying early will ensure that candidates have ample time to complete the visa process as well as any supplementary language work required. For candidates interested in scholarships, we strongly recommend applying to the first or second admission rounds.


* Candidates who successfully complete the admission process in the first three rounds (Oct., Nov. and Dec.) and enrol before the corresponding deadline will receive a 15% early bird discount on the tuition fee.

Meet the team

The EADA admissions team is here to guide you through the entire admissions process, from the moment you request information to your arrival in Barcelona. With over 25 years of combined experience in the field, we host online and in-person recruiting events around the world and assess a wide variety of candidate profiles every year. The team members enjoy the rewards and challenges that each new crop of candidates brings, and we look forward to learning about you during the admissions process.


Bibiana Camba

Admissions Director, International Degree Programmes


Christine Means

Admissions Manager


Laetitia Rella

Admissions Manager

Laetitia Rella: Masters and MBA Admissions Manager

Daniel Pujol

Admissions Manager


Marta Osorno

Admissions Manager


Kathryn Day

Admissions Assistant