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The Global BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) is a bachelor's degree in international business management taught completely in English. You will learn the fundamentals of management, marketing and finance in the context of international politics and economics.

The Global Bachelor in Business Administration is tailor-made for the chosen career path of each student, with electives and specialisations that develop skills and knowledge in a particular area. Classes are small with just 25-35 students, allowing for lively discussions and meaningful connections between participants and faculty.

During their studies, participants have regular meetings with an academic advisor to coach their progress, plan study periods abroad and bring them closer to future goals.

EADA accepts year 1 applicants as well as transfer students in year 2.

A complete international immersion experience

Throughout the 4 years of study, the Global BBA promotes an international perspective that opens up a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The 1-2 years of study abroad and the multi‑campus experience with more than 120 nationalities enrich students' learning experience and strengthen cross-cultural management skills.

As they adapt business models to different sector and cultures, participants develop the expertise to launch a successful international career.

The Global BBA is 100% focused on employability

The Global Bachelor in Business Administration develops young professionals that bring an added value to the companies, organisations and institutions where they work.

This clear value is combined with the specialised tools, resources and personalised assessment of EADA Careers & Talent to create graduates that are prepared to take on any professional challenge.

The competitive advantage of our Bachelor in Business Administration is demonstrated in the 91% employment rate* just six months after graduation.

* Source: SKEMA Talent & Careers employability survey, BBA class of 2020




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Programme taught in English

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Global BBA

Language English

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Duration 4 years
ECTS 240
Dedication Full time
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Why choose the Global Bachelor in Business Administration | EADA - SKEMA?


Learning experience

25-35 students per class

Enjoy a personal approach in small groups

11 specialisations

Tailor the curriculum to your goals


International experience

+120 nationalities

Build a global network

7 Global Campuses and +45 exchange partners

Develop cross-cultural skills


Professional experience 1

8-12 month internship

Apply skills in real operating environments

+150 Careers & Talent events annually

Define, develop and achieve professional goals 


The two leading institutions behind this international BBA


EADA Business School

EADA, founded in 1957, was one of the first Spanish educational institutions to offer management training programs to the business community. EADA focuses not only on hard knowledge, but above all on the management skills that accelerate the professional and personal development of participants. Our graduates are a powerful force for shaping the future, and we are committed to a bold vision of tomorrow that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable for all.


SKEMA Business School

SKEMA is a global institution with French roots that trains future business leaders to adapt to the requirements of 21st century companies and organisations. Our students learn to be mobile, multicultural, agile and aware of new societal challenges while possessing entrepreneurial and managerial capabilities. They are committed to the safeguarding of the planet, protection of personal data and essential ethical issues. 

Our rankings and accreditations are granted by independent organisations. They are an excellent tool to help you identify top business schools and universities around the world. These organisations use objective criteria to evaluate institutions of higher education, and are key to making the important decision of where to continue your education.

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BBA structure: What will I study?

The Global BBA includes courses in general education, business fundamentals and global skills followed by a strategic specialisation that build expertise over the four years of study.

Students can spend from two or four semesters abroad at one of the EADA - SKEMA campuses (Brazil, China, France, South Africa or the U.S.) or at an exchange partner university (subject to academic partner requirements and seats available). Two semesters (one academic year) abroad are mandatory for all students.

The specialisation takes place in year 4. Where students study in years 3 and 4 depends on their choice of specialisation.

Starting the Global BBA from Barcelona

BBA Year 1

Campus Barcelona Campus

Logo eada

  • Business and Economics Calculus
  • Consumer Computer Applications
  • Financial Accounting
  • Macro Economics
  • Statistics for Business Decisions
  • Academic Research and Writing I
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing Principles
  • Micro Economics
  • Pre-specialisation elective

BBA Year 2

Campus Barcelona Campus

Logo eada

  • Advanced Computer Business Applications
  • Principles of Modern Management
  • Business Law
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Business and Professional Writing
  • Social and Sustainable Responsibility
  • Introduction to Business Research
  • Pre-specialisation electives

BBA Year 3

Campus Barcelona Campus or abroad



  • Foreign Language
  • History and Culture
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Globalization and Development
  • Legal Issues
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Logistics and Trade
  • Glocal Awareness (online from SKEMA)

BBA Year 4

Campus Barcelona Campus or abroad

flags year 3

  • Ethics
  • Essentials of Project Management
  • Leading Tomorrow


BBA specialised in:

  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Strategy
  • International Business
  • Global Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Admin.
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility
  • E-commerce & Digital Transformation
  • Accounting

EADA reserves the right to make changes to the BBA programme, including but not limited to, the academic content.

flag us  Raleigh Campus (U.S.)

flag south africa  Stellenbosch Campus (South Africa)

flag france  Lille or Sophia Antipolis Campus (France)

flag brazil  Belo Horizonte Campus (Brazil)

flag china  Nanjing Campus (China)

eada logo           Barcelona Campus (Spain)

Global BBA graduates receive an official degree, accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education (Diplome d’Etudes Superieures en Management International des Entreprises (DESMIE) once they complete the 4 years of studies and achieve 240 ECTS. In addition, students receive a private diploma from EADA Business School.


Global BBA international campuses: Where will I study?

The Global BBA offers an unparalleled international experience, with more than 120 nationalities on our 7 BBA campuses, plus more than 45 exchange partner universities.  Students complete one to two years of their studies abroad, becoming operational in foreign managerial culture and cross-cultural relations as they live a unique multi-campus experience.

Barcelona, Spain

SPAIN: Barcelona Campus

EADA Business School
The business hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability in Europe

The Barcelona Campus borns from the partnership between SKEMA and EADA Business School. Founded in 1957, EADA Business School has maintained the values of equality, independence, personal development, academic excellence and global vision, which have traditionally characterised it. EADA has 2 Campuses located in the city center (Aragó - Campus 1 and Provença - Campus 2), designed to offer top quality training and services. Its excellent location can be easily accessed by public and private transport.

Belo Horizonte

BRAZIL: Belo Horizonte Campus

Brazil’s Silicon Valley

Present in Brazil since 2015, SKEMA has developed very rapidly and is now opening a brand new ‘city campus’ located in Funcionários, one of the most active neighbourhoods in the heart of the city of Belo Horizonte, which is set to become the digital hub of the innovation ecosystem of the capital of Minas Gerais and its 2.7 million inhabitants. This urban campus represents a new milestone in the development of SKEMA’s activities in Brazil, which involve the creation of, in addition to the business school’s activities, the SKEMA Law School for Business — a law school announced in the SKY25 Strategic Plan.

Lille - France

FRANCE: Lille Campus

At the crossroads of Europe

This contemporary campus, spread across 20,000 m2, is located in the heart of the city, in the Euralille district, which is the metropolis’ business centre. Lille has one of the largest student populations in the country. The Hauts- de-France region represents an attractive centre of economic life, home to the head offices of many groups and large companies. Multinational companies are located here; as it is the logistical centre of Europe.

Raleigh - USA

U.S.: Raleigh Campus

In the heart of the Research Triangle Park

This campus is located in the heart of North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus. Not far from the leading American technology park (Research Triangle Park), Raleigh brings together many innovative companies and research laboratories. Students have the opportunity to benefit from the infrastructures of one of the largest American universities. To this dense economic fabric, we can add many universities (16 in total) and an exceptional quality of student life.

Sofia - France

FRANCE: Sophia Antipolis Campus

In the heart of the French Riviera

Sophia Antipolis, Europe’s leading technology park, is a laboratory of 21st century companies and a highly-skilled community. Several major engineering schools, university establishments and research institutes are located here, creating intellectual vitality with a great student community. SKEMA benefits from the presence of over 1,500 companies around its campus.

Stellenbosch - South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: Stellenbosch Campus

Destination: South Africa

SKEMA has set up its new campus within Stellenbosch University, an emblematic institution near Cape Town, South Africa. Students enjoy the many facilities of Stellenbosch University: a huge documentation centre, a music school, concert halls, an athletics stadium, several Olympic swimming pools and sports grounds.

Suzhou - China

CHINA: Nanjing Campus

An innovative city with ancient roots

Through the International Joint Audit Institute NAU-SKEMA, the Nanjing campus combines two institutions of higher education and excellence: Nanjing Audit University and SKEMA Business School. Former capital of China, Nanjing is a major cultural and economic hub of modern China.  It is recognised throughout the country for hosting innovative companies in the
fields of energy, transportation and electronics.


4th year specialisations: How can I tailor my learning?

The specialisation takes place in year 4 and students choose from 11 areas of specialisation. Where students study in years 3 and 4 depends on their choice. Specialised knowledge not only improves graduates’ employability, but their professional performance as well. The new approaches and industry-backed techniques that they learn enable them to master a strategic skill set and develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing their industry of interest.



This specialisation prepares students to critically and comprehensively engage with the complex economic, social and environmental challenges faced by modern companies.



Students develop a solid understanding of company financial practices and resources within a financial system that is complex, highly organised and ever more sustainable.



This specialisation prepares future managers, intra- or entrepreneurs for the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a company such as calculating objectives and managing teams.



Students learn the basis of management, marketing and finance as well as  the fields of politics and economics in an international business context.



This specialisations provides fundamental knowledge in luxury brand management, it also develops an in-depth understanding of the methods, customer behaviour, entry modes and terms of payments around the world.



Students acquire an in-depth understanding of the complex relationship between producers and consumers before further specialising in an area of marketing such as e-marketing or B to B.



This specialisation trains responsible managers to master the tools of sustainable development
with expert knowledge of environmental issues. 



Students explore a wide range of strategic problems, including competitive advantage, digitalisation, and the interaction between industry structure and organisational capabilities. 



This specialisation prepares students for issues related to the constantly evolving need for digital transformation such as e-commerce websites and prospecting and developing traffic. 



This specialisation is a robust concentration in accounting. Internal audits, consolidating company accounts, and learning how to use accounting software.



This specialisation prepares students to become decision takers in multicultural international environments. Courses focus on understanding the economic, social, cultural and ethical dimensions of global business.


Post-graduation: Launching a successful international career

Graduates of the Global BBA embark on their career ready for the challenges of today’s diverse, complex business world, backed by the EADA community. Behind the list of companies where alumni work, there are the unique stories of our graduates, who are committed to succeeding and driven to make their mark on the world around them.



 € 39,500




Source: Careers & Talent employability survey, BBA class of 2020.

The Global BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) is a bachelor's degree in international business management taught completely in English. You will learn the fundamentals of management, marketing and finance in the context of international politics and economics.

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