Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Learning experience in the Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

EADA's hands-on methodology ensures that participants develop the critical thinking skills to analyse and perform well even in today’s toughest business situations. Students are consistently placed in real-life business scenarios, challenged to think like executives and make strategic decisions. Lively class discussions take place in an engaging, multicultural environment, in which participants examine real case studies critically and learn from each other.

Students are guided through the learning process by a personal academic advisor and experienced faculty ensure that students effectively transfer what they have learned to their international career. 

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Programme taught in English

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With you every step of the way

At EADA, students won't be walking into an auditorium for their next class, they will be joining a handful of other students in a space designed for conversation and debate. That kind of personal attention is EADA's trademark inside and outside of the classroom. From the academic advisors to the programme staff, we are here to make students' transition to university as smooth and enriching as possible at every stage of the process. 

BBA: every step of the way 1


Information sessions, personalised visits and individual assessment help guide students during the admissions process right through to enrolment

BBA: every step of the way 2


Expert advice on visa applications, healthcare and accommodation facilitates a smooth transition

BBA: every step of the way 3


Our academic advisors coach students through their undergraduate experience as they adapt to their new home, expand their knowledge and skills and refine their career goals

BBA. every step of the way 4


Our career advisors are committed to helping students identify, define and reach their professional goals through specialised resources, recruiting events and career development workshops

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Alumni regularly share their experiences and connect with current participants, who become a valued member of our community from day one

BBA participant profile

Participant profile

Our undergraduate cohort includes participants from more than 120 nationalities who interact and network throughout their studies at our Global Campuses. The profile here represents the participants in the last intake.


international students


speak 2 or more languages


have lived, studied or worked abroad

BBA female presence  32% female

Average age:

BBA male presence  68% male