Master in FinTech & Business Analytics

9 Months
Full time
0 - 5 years

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FinTech and business analysis skills are global, transferable and most importantly, highly rewarded and sought after. There are FinTech hubs around the world from Barcelona to San Francisco, Cambridge to Berlin, Finland to Scotland, South Africa to South America - and our Master is designed to give you the skills to choose your destination.

The opportunities for graduates of the Master in FinTech & Business Analytics are diverse, whether you want to grow your career in traditional financial organisations looking to digitalise or the hottest FinTech startups. As an area of growth, FinTech is still a niche market, and you will be uniquely qualified to take on a leading role. You will be at the forefront of initiating digital change across the financial sector.

Areas of employment

  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Banking
  • Asset management
  • Business lending & finance
  • Blockchain
  • Capital markets
  • Core banking & infrastructure
  • Credit score & analysis
  • Crypto
  • Digital banking
  • Financial services & automation
  • General lending & marketplaces
  • Insurance
  • Mobile wallets & remitentes
  • Payments processing & networks
  • Payroll & benefits
  • Personal finance
  • POS & customer lending
  • Real estate & mortgage
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Retail investing & secondary markets

In companies like

  • Bain
  • Accenture
  • Ant Financial
  • Kantox
  • Visa
  • Avant
  • Banco Santander
  • Compass
  • HSBC
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Klarna
  • Nubank
  • Opendoor
  • Robinhood
  • SoFi
  • TransferWise

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We are your partner, providing you with the necessary tools and training to reach your professional goals. Whether you are preparing for a case interview at a top consulting firm, tweaking your CV to prove you are the perfect fit or developing your personal brand, your career advisor is with you every step of the way. We offer a diverse suite of recruitment services based on the idea that one-does-not-fit-all, integrating online and in-person resources to make your dream career –whatever that may be– a reality.



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Online pre-course

Career prep workshops: LinkedIn best practices, effective networking

Webinars with leading experts

Personalised career assessment: Define your objectives


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Sector-focused workshops

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Entrepreneurship at EADA

Make your mark.

We believe that entrepreneurship is an engine for activity and innovation, and we pride ourselves on providing you with the necessary skills to succeed in the startup environment. The business cases used in class are specially selected to challenge the traditional corporate mindset, integrating the risk-taking and innovative approaches associated with entrepreneurship. You learn the hard skills to be able to identify an opportunity and design a business plan, while developing the attitudes and values to make the leap.


Entrepreneurial skills

EADA's programmes are designed to foster both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, encouraging you to constantly question how things can be done better and push yourself to the limit to achieve big goals.



strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships

EADA maintains partnerships with organisations such as 4YFN (Mobile World Congress) to create new opportunities for competitive advantage, generate fresh perspectives and broaden your entrepreneurial knowledge base.



meaningfull connections

Meaningful connections

EADA is your bridge to the thriving entrepreneurial scene in Barcelona. It provides a platform for you to share and exchange experiences, promote initiatives and develop opportunities within this well-developed ecosystem.



Entrepreneurship centre

Entrepreneurship Centre

The Centre promotes, backs and develops entrepreneurial mindsets, competencies, skills and initiatives through regular activities organised to promote projects and to stimulate investment. A wide variety of events take place throughout the year, from guest speakers to talent challenges.


Programme taught in English

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