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Oct. & Jan.
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Your city

EADA - in the heart of Barcelona.

EADA's main campuses are located in Barcelona city centre, just a 10 minute walk from Plaza Catalunya and the most famous of Gaudi’s buildings. With more than a thousand years of history, Barcelona is an important source of architectural, artistic and cultural heritage that our students are able to enjoy daily. It is a lively city with a constant flow of locals and tourists that fill the restaurants, cafes and shopping districts.


Premier entrepreneurial hub

Innovative government initiatives have simplified the process for starting a company and established tax benefits for startups, making Barcelona one of the premier entrepreneurial hubs in Europe. Daily events for entrepreneurs are held around the city and networking opportunities allow key players to collaborate easily.

  • 3rd in attracting startups in Europe
  • 2nd Digital City in Europe
  • +50 leading accelerators and incubators

Centre for international business

Catalonia is the headquarters of more than 8,500 foreign companies, with 90% of them based in the Barcelona metropolitan area. Most foreign companies have been in the area for 10 years or more, demonstrating a high degree of stability and return on investment.

  • 9th in international investment in the world
  • Top region in Spain for foreign headquarters
  • +460,000 companies headquartered in Barcelona

A well-connected city

Barcelona is the gateway to southern Europe, the transport capital of the Mediterranean area, a bridge to the Maghreb and a platform to Latin America. Companies with headquarters in Barcelona can supervise markets all over the world.

  • 4.7M intercontinental airline passengers per year
  • 55M euros in exports per year
  • 1st city in international congresses in the world

High quality of life attracts top talent

The local professional opportunities, climate and lifestyle attract top talent from all over the world, with a full 19% of the population made up of foreign nationals. Barcelona's human capital is well trained, with 54% of the city's active population working in knowledge-intensive services.

  • 4th city in labour attractiveness in the world
  • Annual mean temperature: 18 ºC / 64 ºF
  • 15th best city reputation in the world

Your arrival in Barcelona

Supporting you every step of the way.

At EADA Business School, we know that it can be a challenge to relocate to a new city, and we do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Getting to know your classmates

Before even arriving in Barcelona, you can get to know your classmates in EADA’s Master & MBA Facebook group.

Practical information

Contact our Student Relocation Provider for up-to-date, practical information about healthcare, accommodation, mobile services and student visa procedures.

Exclusive rates

Enjoy exclusive rates for local services (gyms, language schools, restaurants, etc.) as an EADA participant.

Welcome emails

Receive monthly emails with news about the school as well as Barcelona, so that you feel right at home as soon you arrive.


Programme taught in English

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Housing      €450 - €900


Food        €250 - €450

Otros gastos

Other expenses        €250 - €450

Suministros básicos

Utilities        €100 - €200


Transport        €60 - €70

Monthly budget      €1,110 - €2,070