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EADA Careers

Preparing the business leaders of tomorrow

The success of the EADA Careers Department depends on your success. EADA Careers is your partner during your Master, providing you with the necessary tools to reach your professional goals post-graduation.

+ 1,700 jobs offers published annually

+ 20 international corporate presentations

+ 20 interactive webinars hosted by top employers

Training Lab

Career training that keeps you informed about labour market trends and hones your skills for a successful career post graduation

Our career advisors work closely with recruitment specialists to prepare you for the most competitive selection processes, developing specialised training sessions for a wide variety of profiles. These sessions ensure that you develop skills that will be valuable to you throughout your career in areas such as:

  • Personal branding
  • The case interview
  • Offer evaluation and negotiation
  • Building your network

Development Lab

Career resources designed to help you develop your career path and bring your future professional goals closer. EADA Careers offers you the resources you need to succeed professionally. Moreover, from the moment you join EADA, you have a personal career advisor to guide you through your professional development.

One-to-one career counselling sessions

Your most valuable tool is your personal career advisor, who is with you every step of the way: from establishing your career goals to landing that dream job

Interactive webinars

Weekly webinars hosted by top employers around the world

Alumni contacts

Alumni presentations and a mentoring platform connect you with expert alumni

Legal guidance seminars

Informative seminars with up-to-date information about residence and work permits

Professional Lab

Recruiting events and career search tools that make your professional goals a realityEmployers know that as a top-ranked European business school, EADA attracts the best and brightest talent from around the world. EADA Careers provides a comprehensive suite of on-campus and virtual recruitment opportunities, allowing top quality employers to connect with the world-class talent at EADA.

On-campus recruitment

Every year, world-renown companies come to EADA in search of talent. Examples of international corporate presentations include:



Online job bank

Access unique opportunities from top employers to develop your career through EADA’s online job bank, where you can post your CV for employers, sign up for job alerts and apply directly to positions.

Online resources

Access to online resources with country-specific career and employment resources, corporate profiles for key employers around the world, and international job listings.




Employment report

The International Master in Marketing aims to give you a solid springboard for your career in marketing and sales, whether you aim to take your first steps in the profession or to accelerate your early career progression. Edge Tracks provide you with a specific boost in high-growth areas of Marketing.

EADA’s Masters among the top 29 Masters in the world* (3-year average)


employed after 3 months *
of graduates find jobs through EADA Careers and alumni networking

* Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2016


Placement by industry

Retail/Consumer goods
Pharma / Healthcare / Biotech
Diversified industrials
Financial services / Banking

Sources of job offers

EADA Careers
Alumni networking
Individual networking
Internet job sites
Direct contact
Recruiting agencies

Employment by region

Latam / Caribbean
U.S. / Canada
Asia / Middle East

Marco Meier

International Master in Marketing

Before coming to EADA, International Master in Marketing alumnus Marco Meier bad been a professional basketball player in FIBA as well as working as a consultant in Deloitte. He currently holds the position of Global Business Leader at Google. In this video, he recommends following your passion to discover the right career path for you.

Companies where our graduates work



Tus servicios de apoyo para la contratación y el desarrollo profesional

Preparando a los líderes del mañana.

Te proporcionamos las herramientas y la formación necesarias para que alcances tus objetivos profesionales. Tanto si estás preparándote para una entrevista de trabajo con una importante empresa de consultoría como si estás retocando tu CV para demostrar que eres la persona idónea, o si estás desarrollando tu marca personal, tu asesor profesional estará siempre contigo en todas las etapas del camino. Ofrecemos un completo abanico de servicios de apoyo para la contratación basados en la idea de que cada persona es diferente, integrando recursos online y presenciales para que tu carrera soñada se haga realidad.

Maximiza tus recursos

Maximiza tus recursos

Pre-curso online

Talleres de preparación para tu carrera profesional: Mejores prácticas en LinkedIn, efectividad en networking

Webinars con importantes expertos

Asesoría profesional personalizada: Define tus objetivos

Haz que te seleccionen

Haz que te seleccionen

Talleres orientados a sectores concretos

Simulación de entrevistas

Bases de datos sobre mercados laborales de todo el mundo

Asesoría profesional personalizada: Prepárate para el proceso de selección

Lanza tu carrera

Lanza tu carrera

Ferias de empleo

Banco de empleo

Solicitudes de Graduate Programmes

Asesoría profesional personalizada: Prepárate y fórmate para ofertas concretas


Únete a nuestra red de alumni

Eventos de networking en Barcelona y en el extranjero

Conferencias y eventos deportivos

Competiciones de talento y proyectos con nuestras escuelas asociadas

Asesoría profesional personalizada: Da un paso más en tu carrera profesional

EADA Entrepreneurs

At EADA, we believe that entrepreneurship is an engine for activity and innovation, and we pride ourselves on providing our graduates with the necessary skills to succeed in the startup environment. The business cases used in class are specially selected to challenge the traditional corporate mindset, integrating the risk-taking and innovative approaches associated with entrepreneurship. Our participants learn the hard skills to be able to identify an opportunity and design a business plan, while developing the attitudes and values to make the leap.


Professional Development Programme

In the EADA-Residential Training Centre, you take part in modules specially designed to develop your team-working, negotiation, communication and leadership skills. Competence in these abilities is key to transforming your ideas into real businesses with a sense of future, and ensuring that they succeed.

Practical final business project

In the final project, the focus is on “live” learning; you will apply what you have learned in a project chosen by you. This is your opportunity to find out if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur and design a business plan with the support of a specialised tutor and a team of your top classmates.

Entrepreneurship Centre

The EADA Entrepreneurship Centre promotes, backs and develops entrepreneurial mindsets, competencies, skills and initiatives through regular activities organised to promote projects and to stimulate investment. The Centre offers online expert entrepreneurial advice, mentoring and follow up, as well as specialised tools and databases.

Entrepreneurship & Society Club

The Club hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year –from guest speakers to talent challenges– designed to explore entrepreneurial topics.

Alumni intro-MBAs2

EADA Alumni

A lifelong community

EADA Alumni aims to promote lasting bonds with alumni through services that add value to your international network and professional growth.

  • Over 120,000 EADA alumni
  • More than 15 alumni meet ups per year
  • Alumni from 87 countries spread across all 5 continents

International network

Your relationship with EADA starts from day one, when you automatically become part of an international network of alumni. Regular Meet Ups around the world provide alumni with the opportunity to reconnect and network with like-minded professionals.


Professional growth

We ensure you will receive all the support needed to take your career to the next level. For this reason, alumni have access to resources including personalised career counselling, our exclusive jobsite and job search tools. For the entrepreneurs among our alumni, EADA’s Entrepreneurship Centre offers expert online mentoring and follow-up as well as specialised tools.


Meet our alumni

Educated in EADA, prepared for the world


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