For over 50 years, EADA has been at the forefront of management education and in-company training programmes for the business community.

We are an institution based on the values of effort, commitment and a job well done. Our mission is to contribute towards a fairer, more balanced and sustainable society.

Over 120,000 participants from more than 50 different countries have placed their faith in its teaching, showing that EADA is one of Europe’s most innovative and prestigious business schools.

Our ongoing relationship with more than 345 partner companies is the backbone of training based on answering the needs of the business world, involving the participants in our programmes to play the leading role in their own professional development.

We share a sense of community through close ties between our partner companies and the professionals who have passed through our classrooms. These connections promote the management and generation of knowledge to serve, individuals, teams, projects, companies and countries.

EADA is an open, plural and diverse institution. We hope to be able work with you to understand and meet your training needs.


EADA sees itself as a managerial training centre whose strong reputation for teaching quality and whose focus on managerial ability and personal development is based on the balance of academic excellence and professional experience in its teaching staff.

Academic Secretary

At EADA, we know that your time is limited and that you need to invest it well. Therefore, we have developed the Virtual Secretary system so that all your academic procedures can be done online.


EADA Alumni was set up in 1987 to serve the school’s Alumni community, an extensive network of former participants who actively maintain their ties with the institution and with their colleagues. EADA has always been committed to sharing its achievements, such as Rankings success, with Alumni as we believe our Alumni are behind the school’s continued success.

International Advisory Board

The IAB’s institutional role is to help the Board of Trustees in all issues related to EADA’s international positioning and the steps necessary to improve this position.

Work at EADA

At EADA, we believe in teamwork, development, proximity, coaching and commitment. The benefits we offer include work flexibility, reconciliation measures, support measures, professional development and telework. We work with the aim of achieving a productive, safe and respectful working environment for all people through mutual respect, ethical and democratic values.