Megatrends: the major forces that shape our future

1 sesión (8h)
Autumn 2019
Part time
+ 5 years
From 10:00h to 14:00h
and from 15h to 19h
690 €
Megatrends: the major forces that shape our future

Megatrends are those trends that determine on a large scale and in the long term the fate of nations clients, companies and, of course, each individual in them. In this session we discuss the 14 most important ones. A particular focus is put on digital transformation, AI and accelerating technological change.

We then examine the 8 key challenges arising from the megatrends. While most of the megatrends are beyond our control they are “not quite destiny”: we can prepare ourselves and ours institutions to cope with them. In this context the key aspects of corporate agility are discussed and wich role leadership plays in enabling it.

A particular focus is put on presenting a balanced view of risks and opportunities for companies and individuals and which actions you can take today to prepare for the future.

Main objectives

  • Develop a broad overview of the 14 major foces that determine yours and your company´s future.
  • Learn in a jargon free environment about the drivers and likely societal and economic impact of the megatrends
  • Understand the opportunities and risks they supose
  • Increase the agility of your organization as a key coping capability
  • Develop answers to the three key questions: 
  1. What does it all mean for you as a leader?
  2. How can you get your company ready to cope with the changes?
  3. What do you tell your kids?

Who is this course for:

  • Senior executives and managers who have substantial influence on strategies and organizational design
  • Leaders of strategy units and organizational development units
  • Managers in traditional functions who need to deepen their understanding of the strategic challenges and opportunities of the coming years
  • Professionals preparing for leadership roles that require an understanding of corporate agility
  • Specialists who already possess a deep expertise in one of the megatrend areas but want to broaden their perspective


Dates:  2019
Lenght: 1 session - (8h)
Time schedule: From 10:00h to 14:00h and from 15h to 19h

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Guest Professor

Ulrich Winkler

Dr. Ulrich Winkler is a seasoned higher education leader, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneur and passionate teacher. He holds a PhD in Economics and has served as EVP at one of the leading private Universites in Germany, as profesor of leadership and Director of executive education at a Rusell Group University, and as a Vice Dean Education at European business school. Before joining academia he built up a business school from scratch and worked 5 years as strategy consultant.
Over the last 10 years he has led numerous workshops on the interplay between megatrends, leadership and strategy, amongst others at the BCI World Conference in London, numerous inhouse conferences and at Tongji University, China.

Dr. Winker has extensive international experience in China, India, Indionesia, Spain, Cuba, Zinbawe, UK, Germany and the US. Today he is leading the Academy for Leadership, Strategy and Organization, based in Mallorca, Spain.

690 €
From 10:00h to 14:00h
and from 15h to 19h
Autumn 2019
1 sesión (8h)