Machine Learning with Python

3 weeks
2 intakes in July and August
Full time
0 - 3 years
Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning is everywhere. Probably, you use it hundreds of times every day without even realizing. Every time your mobile phone detects your face while taking a selfie or a music service recommends songs that you may like, these are examples of machine learning. This technology has become so popular that it has literally changed our lives. Studying Machine Learning is fascinating. Whether you want to dive deeper or just understand the basic concepts, knowing what Machine Learning can do and how it works  will certainly widen your horizons.

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We welcome students from all over the world with different backgrounds. No matter what your background is, or what your professional goal is, data will be key to make you stand out from others. Networking is key for us, because we want you to enjoy your time in Barcelona and take part in a new generation of professionals ready to add value to the companies and organisations around the planet.

Why Bdata


Barcelona Data Institute is an accelerator and connector for professional careers in the field of Data created by specialists in the sector. Its main objective is to strengthen the business environment with qualified professionals to meet the high demand for positions both nationally and internationally. It provides candidates with a unique network in both technological and multinational companies that understand data as a fundamental tool in their decision-making and value creation for their clients.

BDI summer programmes are the unique option for you to develop your data skills.

All our programmes have been created with a successful teaching model to deliver you the full cycle of the data world.

At the end of each course, you will have learnt the specific knowledge needed to develop the business of any organisation.

Programme taught in English

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Marc Wilson

Data Analytics Postgraduate

"Barcelona Data Institute has given me all the tools needed to become a Data Analyst. I’ve had the chance to learn through real case studies taught by senior Data professionals, who know what is needed in the companies to make decisions and drive businesses to increase their revenue.

I’ve enjoyed my time in Barcelona as it is a vibrant city and I’ve met students from all over the world, so my network has grown"

Machine Learning with Python

Programme structure

Sense making

Understand what Machine Learning technology is and why it is so important these days


Review the most common applications of Machine Learning, find out their potential and limitations

Change making

Work on your own Machine Learning project that will showcase in the field of your interest

Intake 1 Start: July 11th 2022
End: July 29th 2022
Intake 2

Start: August 2nd 2022
End: August 20th 2022

Duration 3 weeks
Language English
Modality Face-to-face
Dedication Full-Time
Machine Learning with Python


  • Barcelona
  • EADA Barcelona

Wherever you are in Barcelona, there's always something to discover, enjoy and to do!

This multicultural and modern city offers to our students much more than just a student experience, Barcelona is a real life experience!

Based between the mountain and the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona accommodates a lot of different neighborhoods.

Our Campus

Located in the city center, Calle Aragó 204.

Close to the campus you can find Metro stations (Passeig de Gracia L2-L3-L4, Universitat L1-L2, Hospital Clinic L5), Buses stations and bicing services.

The Sustainability and Innovation Summer Programme aims for participants to acquire the latest trends in business training to face current challenges.

The Sustainability and Innovation programme has a duration of two weeks and it will prepare you to meet the business and social challenges of the 21st century. At EADA Business School we trust that through training we can promote change management to create a new paradigm of business culture.

2 intakes in July and August
3 weeks