The Art of Trend Intelligence for Brands

2 Sessions (6h)
4 April 2019
Part time
+ 3 years
De 17.30 a 20.30h
690 €
The Art of Trend Intelligence for Brands - EADA Trend Lab

Trend research is about detecting signs of change happening right now and the directions these indicate to possible futures. In this chapter you will take a first step into the world of trend research. You will read about the reasons to research trends and how past, present and future are interconnected.

Understanding trends, the emerging values and needs of groups in society, provides a foundation to innovate and create change. Trends research is not about predicting the future but about exploring current signs of change and the tracks they provide to alternative futures.


Who is this course for

This course is designed for professionals and brand marketers that need to understand variables associated with fintech and new paradigms in financing. Additionally, a desire to understand how blockchain can play a disruptive role in business as well as what the future might hold for business in the cryptocurrency space.

    Dates: 4 & 5 April 2019
    Programme Length: 2 Sessions - (6h)
    Schedule: 17.30 to 20.30h


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    Main ideas

    • Provide an understanding highlighting the importance of strategic trend research and trend intelligence as a way to identify emerging innovation opportunities.
    • Provide a methodology and structure to identifying and applying strategic trend intelligence and global foresight to your brand/organization to inspire innovation.
    • Recognize emerging trends and associated opportunities.


    • Learning is based on the following structure:
    • Lecture with case studies and brand activations
    • 2 x 3-hour workshop sessions
    • Reflection and learning sessions

    Session 1 – Foundation of Trend Research & Intelligence

    Researching trends is a skill and art form that combines the intuitive and the analytical and goes beyond defining the latest colors and identifying the latest tech gadgets. Strategic trend intelligence studies change and provides an analysis of emerging shifts in consumer’s needs and wants. To detect, understand and create change, it is crucial to develop a trend research foundation.

    • What are trends and trend intelligence so important for brands and organizations?
    • How can trend intelligence be applied to a brand’s strategy and future vision to create products, services and experiences that connect with consumers on a cultural level.
    • Introduction of the Trend Research Process
      • Based on a 3-step method, participants will learn to scan their environment for signs of change, analyze trend spots and apply their trend insights to kick start innovation.

    Session 2 – Application of Trend Research & Intelligence

    In this segment we will apply the trend scope and methodology in identifying how and where could brands/organizations can apply trends to their products, services and experiences. Participants will complete the trend research process by applying their insights into creating future-centric ideas. 

    Brand Vision

    How will the deeper shifts (macro and micro trends) underlying this trend shape your brand’s short and long-term vision?

    Brand Product / Service / Experience

    What new products and services could you create in light of this trend? How can you adapt your current products and services?

    Brand Marketing & Media

    How can you incorporate this trend into marketing and media strategies and connect with consumers culturally showing you speak their language as a brand.


    Guest Professor

    Teresa Inés Cruz

    Teresa I.Cruz is an expert  in global trends and strategic  insights . She has lived in Europe, Latam and USA, where she has worked for some prestigious brands, includind DeBeers, Piaget, Chopard and in an advertising agency of luxury bands part of Grupo Publicis.

    She is specialized in an international focus and her experience     her to understand the consumers and     trends into a global level in order to define effective in a collaborative frame.

    At present based in Los Angeles, is working as a global trend consultant and she is de foundress of the consultanty M.Perriand that helps global brands in the field of luxury and craft to turn into a new paradigm consumer that look for global expansión in european , latam and USA markets.

    Through an strategic thought and focus based in strategic insights, her projects always have the purpose to inspire the clients to create the brand future.