Influencing skills for leaders

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Influencing skills for leaders

"Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want because he wants to do it." Dwight D. Eisenhower

What are influence skills?

To persuade our interlocutors, we need not only to know how to communicate effectively, but also to understand them correctly, perceive their communication inconsistencies, react and respond accordingly.

Therefore, influence means being able to understand and control human dynamics.

This seminar provides an introduction to these topics, giving participants the opportunity to test and optimize their own influencing skills by learning to understand basic techniques at the level of verbal and non-verbal communication.


General Objective

Participants will be able to learn and train how

  • To optimize their communication and influencing skills when communicating, convincing, or selling (product or idea);
  • To control and influence their communication situations and to achieve their goals;
  • To convince others with empathy and assertiveness.

After this course, participants will be able to argue, sell and persuade more effectively by understanding the dynamics behind each communicative act.

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Duración: 4 sesiones (8hs) - ONLINE
Schedule: de 17.30 a 19.30h

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  • Power, influence, manipulation, authority.
  • Effective communication, charisma, persuasion.
  • Techniques of influence of verbal communication (written and oral).
  • Techniques of influence of body language (introduction).
  • Recognize and analyze the unconscious body language of others and their own (introduction).
  • Influence techniques in presentations and elevator pitch (with video feedback);
  • Effective arguments (with video feedback);
  • How to recognize the different techniques of influence in order to prevent manipulation;
  • How to recognize different types of communicators and be able to interact with them successfully (introduction).


To access the course it is important to prepare some short video recordings. Details about the videos will be communicated by the trainer before the course.


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Profesorado invitado

Elena Tecchiati

Elena is an Organizational Psychologist, Professional Certified Coach Accredited by the International Coach Federation, Speaker and Mediator. At EADA she has been working as a trainer and coach since 2018, and since 2019 she contributes as a coach and supervisor in the EADA Master for Executive Coaching.

She has been working as a coach and trainer since 2009, acting internationally in Europe, USA. and China for multinational organizations supporting professionals to optimize their communication skills in order to present, communicate, lead effectively, manage conflicts and negotiate with confidence, ease and influence.

Elena has different publications in the field of interpersonal communication and leadership psychology, and she occasionally collaborated with Spanish magazines publishing articles on psychology and life-coaching topics.

Along with her development activity, she is a singer and songwriter with extensive experience in different settings and countries. She brings this experience to the business world integrating various aspects of diversity, performance and development of charism.

Elena has been living and working in different countries, making her multicultural background part of her identity and impactful activities.

490 €
4 sesiones (8hs)