Boosting your potential and Leadership Skills

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Boosting your potential and Leadership Skills

Everyone has a huge potential. You are one of them. Do you know what your potential is? What actions are you talking to boost your and other peoples´potential?

We all have the ability to achieve greatness by identifying and working on our strenghts. Throughout my professional career I have had the opportunity to work with some great leaders and I have learnt that are 3 kinds of leaders: ok, good and great, and only great ones make a difference.

The Three Kinds of Leaders

  1. OK – You are intentional about personal growth
  2. GOOD – You are intentional about personal growth and share with others what you are good at.
  3. GREAT -  You are intentional about personal growth, share with others what you are good at and you are able to get others relate to your abilities and inspire.

Do you know which one are you?

General Objectives

This program will help you:

  • Craft you own path to reach your full potential by going from Ok to Great
  • Identify your strengths and communicate them effectively
  • Overcome the barriers of expressing yourself in a language that it is not your mother tongue
  • Understand the key principles in helping you discover your professional DNA (Formula)
Dates: To be confirmed
Duration: 3 sessions - (12h)
Schedule: from 17:30 to 21:30h

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OK - Personal growth

“Personal growth is all about you”

  • Become the person you really want to be by engaging in a lifelong learning field
  • Identify personal development  traps: learn what the traps are and how to overcome them in order to grow intentionally
  • The power of self-awareness: to grow yourself you need to know yourself and learn what you are ok, good and great at.
  • The advantages of stretching yourself: to achieve greatness you need you stretch yourself. Understand and develop ways of stretching yourself to become a better you.

GOOD – Communication

“Communication is about you and others”

  • Communication vs Information: communication isn´t giving out the information. Explore strategies to communicate your message effectively in a convincing manner
  • Skills of communication: Increase the level of your performance related to your Company, staff and yourself by understanding the art of communication, including verbal and non-verbal communication…
  • How to control nerves and emotions and learn the importance and value of silence
  • Understand the linguistic barriers and how to overcome them

GREAT- Connection

“Connection is all about others”- This is a priority for most great leaders”

  • Explore different ways in how to make your message stick with your intended audience and increase your influence in every situation.
  • Learn the principles of connection and put them into practice immediately
  • Understand and develop short, mid and long-term connection



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James Basha

James Basha

James Basha is a motivational teacher with over 12 years of experience, coach, trainer, public speaker, confidence and potentional booster.

He is passionate about helping people find and booster their potential through personal growth, communication and connection.

He also helps people develop their linguistic and communication skills so that they can reach their full potential.

James holds a Foundation degree in Youth and community development  and a Degree in Child and Adolescent Development from Bedfordshire University, Executive Business Management Programme Dirección General - PDG from EADA Business School.


490 €
17.30 a 21.30h
To be confirmed