Global Executive MBA

21 months (8 modules, 40 days)
October 2017
Part time
+ 5 years

The Global Executive MBA offered jointly by EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management prepares executives to work in highly competitive and globalized business environments. With a focus on personal leadership development and best management practices, this part-time modular programme aims to provide participants with the necessary skill set to excel in today and tomorrow´s business world, whether it be via their existing organization, as part of a new start up venture, or otherwise.

Participants will gain management skills to help accelerate their professional and personal development, while benefiting from a cross-cultural learning environment. With tailored class sizes and a hands on approach to learning, including case studies and small groups, the focus is always on you and your personal and professional development.

This 21 month programme features 8 different in person modules (one week durations) spread out over 5 different countries and 3 continents. Throughout the duration of the entire programme, participants will only be required to take 40 days out of the office. 

Upon completion of the programme, participants will join the international alumni communities of both EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig, while receiving their official Master´s in Business Administration (MBA) from both institutions, worth 60 ECTS credits.

The EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA, a global experience for global professionals.


Programme Length

40 days out of the office
8 residential weeks over the course of 21 months
(within 3 calendar years)
5 countries
(Spain, Germany, Brazil, India, China)
Start date: October 2017
End date: June 2019

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in Europe

47th in the world in Executive Education

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international participants (Executive Education)

European business school

5th in Entrepreneurship in the world

1st in Germany for Salary Increase post 


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Small, interactive classes

Special focus on the personal development – develop the leader in YOU.


A truly global experience

Exposure to three continents and five countries, internationally renowned faculty and classmates with heterogeneous profiles.


A perfectly structured format

Only 40 days out of office and great networking opportunities.


Immediate return on investment

“Learning by Doing” methodology, encouraging direct implementation in the workplace and guaranteeing a tangible impact on your career.


Support by expert executive coaches

One-of-a-kind leadership training using the innovative NeuroTraining Lab throughout the program. The laboratory is a unique experience that combines multidimensional measures to analyse the social behaviour and examine the internal reactions of the participants by recording audio, video, biometric measurements and neurophysiological indicators.

Message from the programme directors

Welcome to EADA and HHL’s joint Global Executive MBA program. With more than 175 years of combined experience in management education, two of the leading business schools in Europe offer you a program integrating German and Spanish perspectives with an emphasis on emerging markets.

The program is personalised with work in small groups, so that the focus is always on you. With this Global Executive MBA, you will develop the leader in you and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. After the program, you will become part of our prestigious international alumni community.

We look forward to welcoming you into our next class!


Marjolein Overmars

Global Executive MBA Co-Director, EADA Business School


Frank Hoffmann

Global Executive MBA Co-Director, HHL

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Programme Structure





Managing Technology and Processes


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Governance
  • Doing Business in Brazil

Managing Investors in a Globalized World


  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Doing Business in India

Managing Sustainable Growth


  • Geopolitics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Doing Business in China

Business School São Paulo – São Paulo

The Business School São Paulo (BSP) was founded in 1996. In 2011, BSP was chosen as one of the best Latin American schools by America Economia. The school was also ranked as the first business school in Brazil and the third in Latin America, according to the QS TOP MBA Ranking in 2010. Accredited by ANAMBA.

Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta

The vision of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is to emerge as an international center of excellence in all facets of a management education rooted in Indian ethos and societal values. Over the past four decades, IIM Calcutta has blossomed into one of Asia’s finest business schools. Today, it attracts the best talent in India – a melting pot of academia, industry and research. The school is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University – Guangzhou

Founded in 1888, Lingnan (University) College is a business school positioned as a leading institute in China. Forbes Magazine ranked the college’s MBA program third in the “Most Valuable Full-time MBA Programs in China” in 2009, and the Lingnan MBA program was named the fourth most influential MBA in China

Highlights of structure

Develop the leader in you

At EADA and HHL, we believe that management effectiveness centers on positively influencing people’s behavior – including one’s own – to achieve outstanding results. In a highly competitive and volatile business environment, true leadership makes the difference between success and failure. During EADA’s residential modules, you will attend leadership courses that will build trust and strengthen relationships.


You will be trained in key communication skills aimed at producing the desired impact on others. The modules involve self-discovery, stepping outside your comfort zone and internalising feedback from others. Outdoor and indoor training activities will challenge your ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments.

Executive coaching

In addition to management development courses, we offer several Executive Coaching sessions throughout the programme. Executive Coaching is a structured interpersonal process focused on enhancing your ability to achieve pre-determined goals.

NeuroTraining Lab

Global Executive MBA participants use the NeuroTraining Lab – a technologically and pedagogically innovative tool – to promote social competency in leaders. The Lab is a unique experience combining multidimensional measures to analyze social behavior and examine the participant’s internal reactions using audio, video, biometrical and neurophysiological indicators.