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Advanced Trade Negotiation

+ 5 years
Part time
19 October 2017
3 sessions - (12h)



Negotiation represents a particularly important skill for any professional. Negotiation involves reaching agreements with other people through dialogue and exchange. This allows you to learn how to prepare the strategy, know which aspects of interpersonal relations and communications and which techniques and procedures are the most effective for achieving negotiation results.

Dates: 19, 26 October & 2 November 2017
Duration: 3 sessions - (12h)
Schedule: 17.30 to 21.30h

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The programme offers the opportunity to:

  • Work on tactical and strategic preparation in any negotiation, particularly trade.
  • Gain new and practical negotiation skills.
  • Gain further impact and influence skills.
  • Create and claim value.
  • Develop the capacity to adapt to complex and unpredictable situations.

Aimed at

Sales professionals or professionals who generally want to master and continue to develop interviewing, communication and conclusion of negotiations techniques.

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The Negotiation Model

  • Preparation and strategy
  • People
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Strategies
  • Tactical preparation for negotiation
  • Analysis of the aspects to take into consideration in negotiation
  • Setting the scene
  • Assessing obstacles
  • The map of all the parts
  • Learning about the interests: your own and the other party’s
  • The appropriate sequence
  • The design of agreements that create value
  • Analysis of the best options to not negotiate


  • Personal preparation
  • Change of paradigm
  • PNL tools applied to personal preparation in a negotiation
  • The importance of Interpersonal Communication
  • The map is not the territory
  • Attitudes and assertiveness in communication
  • Separate people from Problems
  • VAC
  • Build rapport
  • Constructive management of conflict
  • Application of communication tools in a negotiation situation
  • Manipulation techniques


  • Agreements design table
  • Design agreements providing value
  • Create and claim value
  • Coordinate proposals
  • Create value by managing differences
  • Tactics at a negotiating table
  • Influence in perceptions
  • Learn about the real ZOPA
  • Anchors
  • Anchor goals
  • Submit proposals
  • Respond to the other party’s offer
  • General conclusions and individual action plan

Franc Ponti Roca

Franc Ponti holds a PhD in Economics and Business from Universitat de Vic, a degree in Humanities from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), a Master in Information Society (UOC) as well as a diploma in Organisations' Psychology and Business Management from EADA. He has taken various seminars on Negotiation and Innovation at Harvard Universityand MIT. Franc is an expert in creativity and innovation as well as in negotiation and conflict. His latest publications are "Si funciona, cámbialo" (2010), "Inteligencia creativa" (2013) and "Innovar y Preguntar" (2016). He travels constantly around the world as guest speaker at conferences and seminars for companies and institutions through EADA and Thinking Heads. He is a full-time professor in the Strategy, Leadership and People Department at EADA.

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Franc Ponti Roca

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