Master in Digital Business (DMBA ISDI - Leadership EADA)

11 Months
February 24, 2022
Full time
0 - 3 years

Your financing options

How to fund your education.

We aim to attract the best talent, and we know that funding your education can be challenging. The decision to pursue a Master is a significant investment - we hope to make it affordable through a variety of opportunities for financing.




For fiscal residents in Spain, we provide financing through agreements with Banco Santander, Banc Sabadell and Bankia. Contact your Admissions Manager for further details.



For international students, we offer funding through Prodigy Finance. The advantages of financing through Prodigy include: no collateral or co-signer, easy and fast online process, no repayments while you study, and no penalties for early repayment.

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Opportunities for scholarships and discounts

Don't dream about success - work for it.

We believe that a digital education can change the world. For this reason, we support you in your Master journey through a wide variety of discounts and scholarships designed to ensure that the best candidates don't get overlooked for financial reasons.


5% discount
for full payment of the tuition fee upon enrolment



5% early bird discount
for enrolment before 31 May 2021



Scholarships of up to 20%
to support your education



Our scholarship programme aims to support and promote the inclusion of anyone who wishes to be part of the digital ecosystem, helping society and companies alike advance on their digital transformation journeys. Applicants must be admitted to apply.

We evaluate each application to understand the personal needs of each applicant to ensure that they find the best fit. Scholarships cover from 5% to 20% of the programme fee. Click below for more information about the application process.


1. You must have already been admitted to the programme.

2. Fill out the online application, submitting the paperwork that shows you meet the scholarship requirements. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Scholarship application form

3. The Finance Committee will consider your application and make a final decision. The Finance Committee is made up of the following members: President, CEO, General Director, Academic Director, CFO and the ISDI Director of Admissions.

5. Within 10 days of submitting your application, the Admissions team will inform you whether you have been successful.


Women in Tech Scholarship
We want to continue supporting women in leadership and upper management roles. Show us that you’ve led a digitisation, innovation and/or technology-related project.

Green & Social Scholarship
This is our most renowned scholarship. If you have participated in an ecological, environmental sustainability, NGO or social-impact project, this scholarship is for you. Tell us about the projects you have participated in and how they have impacted society. Candidates with financial needs will have priority.

Professional or Academic Excellence Scholarship
We look for candidates who stand out due to their professional or academic successes. Send us a certificate of your higher education studies or the awards, achievements and projects that you have received or worked on. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must have a GPA equivalent to at least a 9.5 on the Spanish grading scale.

Diversity Scholarship
We support diversity., and we believe that bringing together a range of perspectives and people of different cultures and nationalities makes for a more enriching classroom experience. Students from diverse backgrounds should apply to this scholarship.

Entrepreneur/Self-employed Scholarships
Candidates must certify they have been taking part in the launch or start of an entrepreneurial project or prove their entrepreneurial mindset and innovative ideas. If you are self-employed you must provide the self-employment registration.

Scholarship for the Unemployed
If you are unemployed, you may apply for this scholarship. We’ll ask you to provide proof that you are looking for work.

Financial Aid Scholarship
This scholarship is for people who have limited economic resources. If this is your case, send us the following: Tax information (your IRPF, if you live in Spain), including the tax deductions you’re entitled to (e.g. expenses or family allowance), as well as payslips and/or your employment contract.