Procurement and Purchasing Management

10 sessions - (40h)
February 2023
Part time
3 - 5 years



The Procurement and Provisioning Management programme will provide you with the tools necessary to make companies more competitive.

Proper procurement management done professionally is essential to make companies more competitive. Control of cost and reliability is a key factor for business success, in addition to the creation of long-term relationships with select providers.

Fechas: febrero de 2023
Duración: 5 sesiones (20hs) en formato presencial u online
Horario: 17.30 a 21.30 h
Precio: 1.200 €

* Consulta el precio especial para miembros EADA Alumni 



  • Master the purchasing tools for the selection and assessment of the best providers.
  • Structure your company’s needs.
  • Implement a productivity improvement and cost reduction plan.
  • Evaluate and measure your results through the identification of key indicators.
  • Develop negotiation capacity, which generates stable, positive relations with suppliers.

Aimed at

Purchasing managers who want to become familiar with and use the right tools, allowing them to attain the best results for their companies’ income account.

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The strategic Purchasing role

  • Strategic purchasing definition
  • Road map, purchasing levers, purchaser tasks and buyer profiles
  • Align the purchasing strategy with the business strategy
  • Expenditure analysis

5 key Purchasing Aspects

  • Impact of purchasing on the income statement and measuring savings.
  • Processes and Systems aspects, and e-sourcing
  • Quality management aspects.
  • Supplier evaluation.
  • Supplier Relationship Management.

Category management – CatMan

  • The 4 stages of category management.
  • Kraljic supply matrix.
  • Total Acquisition Cost.
  • Risk management.

Sourcing Process

  • The Sourcing Process bases.
  • The keys to success for a purchasing initiative .
  • The 6 stages of a Sourcing Process.


Stéphane Morel

Stéphane Morel has a specialised Master in purchasing from the MAI in Bordeaux and holds a diploma from the Lille Business School (France). She has almost 20 years of experience in purchasing, having started her career in the large-scale consumer sector (KIABI, IKEA). She then held different positions in Purchasing Management in automotive sector multinationals (Valeo and Faurecia). She has since been Purchasing Director at Novartis Farmacéutica in Spain, then became leader of a function transformation project in Europe. She is currently Competences Development Manager for approximately 1,000 purchasers working in Novartis at global level.


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