Decision Making in Ethical Dilemmas

4 Sessions (16h)
7 Feb 19
Part time
+ 3 years
18:00h to 22:00h
1,190 €
Decision Making in Ethical Dilemmas - EADA Trend Lab

Businesses do not operate as isolated units. They form a part of the social system and strive to create value for their stakeholders. Is acting responsibly and ethically an integral part of this approach or mere fulfillment of obligation.

Although profitability is extremely important for the survival and growth of a business, but should it be the end in itself or a mean to achieve something else? When it comes to situations involving ethical conflicts, managers come across a wide variety of dilemmas that require the choice of a course of action which could have long terms personal, organizational and societal implications.

This programme has been designed to discuss and debate a few dilemmas with the aim of raising self-awareness and stimulating introspection, assisting managers to understand the complexities of decision making while facing similar dilemmas.


  1. To understand the decision making process in ethical dilemmas in business.
  2. To apply the decision making models and ethical theories to decision making.
  3. To understand the challenges of ethical leadership and develop a personal code of ethics.
  4. To understand the impact of business on society and appreciate the role of business and solving social problems.
  5. To analyze ethical issues related to consumer.
    Dates: 7, 14, 21 and 28 February 2019
    Programme Length: 4 Sessions - (16h)
    Schedule: 18:00h to 22:00h


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    Structure and Methodology

    The trend lab will be divided into 4 sessions. Each session will involve discussion and debate related to ethical decision making, using real cases, examples and activities. The participants will be expected to bring their own experience to the classroom and share their opinions with the rest of the group. The themes that will be covered in these sessions are listed below:

    • The decision making process: theories of ethics and influences on decision making
    • Moral Courage and Ethical Leadership
    • Addressing social issues through business
    • Consumer Ethics


    Dr. Jatinder Jit Singh

    Professor of Marketing

    Holds a PhD (Marketing) from University of Mississippi, USA and a BS from GNDU, Amritsar, India. His research mainly focuses on managerial, corporate/brand and consumer ethics and has appeared in international peer reviewed journals such as Journal of International Marketing, AMS Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Brand Management and Journal of Product and Brand Management. Before joining EADA, he was a marketing faculty at ESADE Barcelona. Jatinder has taught courses such as Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, Ethics and has worked with various academic audiences and methodologies. Jatinder has also participated in applied research projects involving major international B2C brands in Spain.


    Dr. Jatinder Jit Singh