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Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and since then approximately 1500 new/alternative cryptocurrencies have come into existence. We´ll study the fundamental implications of bitcoin as an alternative currency, including the arguments for and against government sanctions of it.


Additionally, of the 1500 other currencies that exist, we´ll review how they fit together and examine the differences that exist among them – primarily their value as a currency, a utility or a security token.

There are several considerations that business need to consider with regard to cryptocurrency, consisting of the following:

  • Alternative Financing
  • Acceptance of cryptocurrencies
  • Accounting

Finally, cryptocurrencies all have one fundamental commonality – blockchain. This is a new technology that represents a paradigm change for business and can be used without cryptocurrency.

Who is this course for

This course is for any professional that need to understand variables associated with fintech and new paradigms in financing. Additionally, a desire to understand how blockchain can play a disruptive role in business as well as what the future might hold for business in the cryptocurrency space.

    Programme Length: 1 Session - (4h)
    Schedule: 17.30 to 21.30h


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    Main ideas

    • Bitcoin- What it is, who created it, why it works
    • Blockchain - Fundamentals
    • Defining cryptocurrencies
    • Deep dive into alternative funding – ICO´s
    • Case study/review of 3 specific companies in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space and how they are changing the model for Company building
    • Regulatory considerations


    Marc Wolenik

    Marc Wolenik is an advisor to several companies that are in various stages of cryptocurrency acceptance and ICO financing and has presented to groups all over the world on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the largest conference being the conference in San Francisco that was attended by 170,000 people. Marc is on the board of the Blockchain User Group (BUG), and is a serial entrepreneur who created several technology companies, the most recent being a blockchain based Company that provided  blockchain solutions to enterprise organizations. Previously he owned a Company that delivered Microsoft Dynamics solutions to customers globally that was successfully acquired. Marc has authored 5 technical books and serves as a mentor to small startup companies.



    360 €
    De 17.30 a 21.30h
    Área funcional
    1 Sesión (4h)