Cooperate with EADA

Why work with EADA?

Since 1957, EADA Business School has been offering the business world training, research and talent programmes. Our aim is to contribute to the personal and professional growth of business leaders so they make a mark on companies and society at large.

Over the last five decades as an independent institution, the EADA methodology has obtained the maximum domestic and international recognition. EADA is now “Top 25” in Europe and “Top 50” in the World, according to the Financial Times and one of the 4 best accredited Spanish Business Schools.

EADA’s best legacy is the 120,000 alumni - the actors of their personal and professional development, from over 50 different nationalities, and more than 300 associate companies through tailor-made training curricula, applied research and the best talent of our participants.

We are growing in infrastructures and have a Global Campus where participants, alumni and companies can interact at all times and from anywhere.

EADA wants to continue growing. But we do not compete on a level playing field with rival business schools. In the USA, the leading schools receive over 40% of their budgets from private donations. This poses a major challenge. If EADA wants to compete with the best, and take our unique identity and essence to the domestic and global markets, we need the support and collaboration of our donors.

The support of organisations and people is key to transforming society through innovative training programmes aimed at the leaders of today and tomorrow; for funding grant programmes and research programmes; and for supporting these programmes with the latest methodologies and infrastructures. To achieve this, EADA needs the collaboration of people, companies and institutions that want to be part of this commitment, playing an active role in a project with clear value for social and economic progress

EADA continues growing thanks to you


The impact of your contribution

Donations –whether from people or companies and organisations- are used to fund EADA projects that have a positive impact on the business community and society at large.

Contributions are made through agreements that boost the following strategic axes:

The Grant Programme

Attracting professionals and managers with talent is one of EADA’s priorities, with the aim of promoting social diversity and a clear commitment to international profiles. We also seek to attract academics with global experience.

The Research Stimulus Programme, centres and professorships

Supporting research means contributing to the social, business and economic development of society. EADA creates relevant knowledge through research projects led by expert academics in all business disciplines. 

The EADA Foundation Fund

This concerns discretionary contributions, which EADA uses to fund strategic projects in the area of grants, research, educational innovation and infrastructures.

Infrastructure and educational innovation improvement projects

One of EADA’s challenges is to keep its institutions up-to-date, with modern and innovative learning methods and infrastructures, which continually adapt to the training needs of the academic programmes, the participants and the business community.    

A test of EADA’s investment in an innovative campus is the current redevelopment of the Barcelona campus, in addition to investments made thus far in the Collbató campus and the virtual campus, which doubtlessly means the start of a new growth stage for the institution.   


By way of thanks and appreciation, the donors who work and grow with EADA have access to specific benefits that allow them to have visibility and social impact, in accordance with the size of their donation and the area of collaboration: