From customer service to customer experience

Olga Milián, Program Director.

In a world where we have long avoided physical contact, we thirst for closeness and professional connection. And here, hotel professionals and the tourism sector in general, as creators of experiences, have an important role to play. New needs, new realities, require new leadership and management skills.

Clients will not remember in detail everything we did or everything we said, but they will remember how we made them feel. In this space we will share new paradigms, new approaches, new competencies for your leadership and management in this industry and at this time.


About the Speaker:

Director of the Master in Hotel and Tourism Management, Olga Milián.

Olga has developed her professional career in the international luxury hotel industry (USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium and Spain) with chains such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, The Stein Group, Dolce International and Jumeirah Group. She has participated in the TaskForce of 8 hotel openings in different urban and international vacation destinations.

She is an Intercultural Trainer certified by the Academy of Diversity & Inclusion. Coach CPCC (CoActive Coaching) certified by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism from the School of Hospitality and Catering of Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) and PDG (General Management Program) from EADA. Olga is also a Senior Trainer and Coach with CCL Center for Creative Leadership© EMEA and a professor at EADA Business School in Barcelona (academic area of Strategy & People).


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