Call for Companies Interested in Evaluating their Impact


We are looking for companies that want to receive a first evaluation of their positive impact on their employees, the communities they serve and the environment using the B Corporation methodology and it’s B Impact Assessment Tool.

During the month of July, several supervised teams of student-consultants called B Impact Teams, will work intensively and probono together with companies interested in their assessment while gaining knowledge and experience in evaluating the impact of real companies.

Our goal is to contribute to a movement of more responsible companies while training responsible leaders. We seek to bring companies closer to a practical, transparent and rigorous tool so that they can move towards more conscious and responsible management and, if they wish, follow the steps to B Corp certification.

Learn more about the B Corporation Movement here

What do we offer to participating companies?

  • Baseline Impact Report: a report with the analysis of the current situation of the company and strategies and action plan to improve its impact and positioning according to B Corp standards
  • Work hand in hand with a committed and creative team that will provide assistance in measuring the areas, initiatives and actions of the company
  • Opportunity to detect talent, young professionals committed to transforming business as a force for good
  • Visibility of the experience through our channels

Requirements to participate as a company:

  • Deadline to apply: June 17 2022

  • The project will take place between June 30th and July 26th . We expect the contact person (s) to be available in this period for the exchange of information and presentation of the results. 

  • Expected dedication and requirements:
    • Availability for 3  face-to-face meetings (or virtual) minimum:
      1. Handover meeting of documentation + in depth interview with team about the company : 3-4 hours of estimated duration with the documentation prepared. This meeting can take place in one day (recommended) or in succesive meetings.
      2. Checkpoint Meeting: 1h30 max
      3. Final delivery: presentation of results - 1 hour
  • Fluid Communication with the teams (essential to guarantee objectives) 
  • Providing with 1 contact person available for the communications with team and who can also quickly refer them to other people in the company if needed, to provide the relevant information.
  • Provide information required for analysis. Please find below more detail of the information required. All the information provided will be treated confidentially and a confidentiality agreement is made available to the company if needed.  (More details below)
  • We recomend the company to have at least + 70% information required available by Monday, June 27th  to ensure the proper progress of the work.
  • Due to the duration of the project and the complexity of the year, we ideally look for a medium-sized / SME / family company . Alternatively, if it is a larger company ideally it  has the possibility to focus the project on the head office or a representative branch that has disaggregated data to be able to work on it separately as a proxy of the bigger business. 
  • The companies ideally be located in Barcelona, although it is not imperative.
  • Important: All the projects and communications will be in English
  • Important: This initiative has no cost for the company. However, we require their commitment to facilitate time, availability and information.


Notice for companies outside Barcelona or Spain: If case your company is not based in Barcelona, you can still take part of the initiative as long as you can provide all the information online and commit to maintain fluid communication with the team at all times thoughout the process.  For the handover meeting we would recommend splitting the contact in successive online meetings instead of a long 3-4 hour one. For questions or doubts please reach out to:

Key Dates:

Deadline to apply: June 17th

The project will take place between June 30th and July 26th.

Outline of the project development between the team and company :

  • 1st handover team meeting: should happen between June 30th - July 7th 
  • Between meetings, fluid communication to exhange information/clarify.
  • Checkpoint meeting: between July 11 and 13
  • Project delivery: between July 20 and 26th (depending on availability of agendas and information of company and team)


About the required information:

About the information required: B Corp's Impact Assessment Tool, the B Impact Assessment Tool analyzes data from Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Clients. We recommend that you consult this information guide that will be required and key questions:


The more information is provided, the more thorough the analysis and proposals that the teams can work on.

If you'd like to participate, please fill in the form below and well get in touch with more information and details:

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