The sociocrathic method: mobilizing collaborators around the business project

Aula 22, EADA Business School
Gilles Charest

On February 14,  lead by Gilles Charest, one of the parents of the sociocracy and author of the book  “Democracy dies, long live the sociocracy!” we will introduce ourselves in the sociocratic method with the workshop:


Mobilize collaborators around the business project (The sociocratic method)


Sociocracy is applicable to all types of organizations. The method of decision making and sociocratic communication:

  • It establishes spaces of dialogue that associate the talents of all to the common objective,
  • It promotes ascending and descending communication within the hierarchical structure,
  • Supports the emergence of a strong leadership that is attentive to the team's cohesion,
  • Improves the quality of decisions and accelerates the corresponding operation,
  • Transforms the company into a self-learning organization,
  • Significantly increases productivity and innovation

Objectives of the workshop:

Transmit to participants:

  • The importance and scope of sociocratic governance
  • Understand the general conditions around:
  • Leadership as a pillar of the sociocratic method,
  • The socio-political rules of decision-making and communication,
  • Conscious Capitalism and Sociocracy,
  • Sociocracy, an organizational development tool,
  • The TSG approach.



Gilles Charest is a certified sociocracy consultant and corporate trainer with over 40 years of organizational development experience. He melds his training in Gestalt psychology with sociocracy to teach leadership skills.  He founded Sociogest, one of the oldest sociocracy consulting firms in 1986,

Since 2003, Charest has led the International School for Leaders (L’École International des Chefs), which teaches the principles of sociocratic governance. He focuses on interventions supporting leaders and their employees to work better together. His areas of expertise are executive coaching , strategic planning, communications and decision-making, change management , succession development , performance management , conflict resolution and development teams in the workplace .

He speaks English and French and works in Canada and French-speaking countries in Europe, and leads the francophone center for sociocracy.  Charest has written several articles and books in the field of management.


Addressed  to: 

These workshops are aimed at Founders, Partners, CEOs and other people who lead teams, who can play a key role in the transformation towards more conscious companies and organizations.