Research Centres

EADA defines its research mission through a combination of its willingness to be a strategic partner to companies whilst providing participants in our educational programmes with access to a high quality faculty that combines with professional experience.

Our research activities, therefore, take place mostly on the border between academic and practice-oriented research, aiming to generate an environment that is both conducive to the creation of new knowledge and effective in transferring this research to market - be it in the form of new subjects or courses, or as collaborations with industry.

The institutional organisation of research in EADA responds to a “dual” model, with academic departments and Applied Research Centres. Departments are the primary thematic referent for research activity in EADA and they are responsible for ensuring coherence of all academic activities as well as for the incorporation of research results into existing and new programmes.


EADA seeks to build up this research capacity as an instrument with which to improve the institution’s standing among corporate clients by offering them innovative programmes and services that respond to their real needs. As part of this strategy, the School has created a number of “Applied Research Centres” to promote this type of knowledge-transfer activities to companies.

There are currently 6 applied research centres at different stages of development in terms of research activity, transversal reach and external impact:

  • Global Innovation Management Centre (GIMCE)
  • Transformational Growth Centre
  • Retail Leadership Centre
  • Corporate Sustainability Centre
  • Coaching Centre