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Boyd Derek Cohen

Boyd Derek Cohen

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. is recognized as a global thought leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and smart cities. Boyd has published his research in leading management journals including: Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Management Journal and Technovation. He also has a strong focus on influencing practice through, for example, as guest editor of a special issue of the California Management Review, as contributor to Fast Company and as a regular keynote speaker around the globe. Dr. Cohen also, co-authored the 2011 book, Climate Capitalism, and, in 2016, will be publishing his second book: Urban Entrepreneurship. He obtained his Ph.D. in business strategy & entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado in 2001. Prior to entering academia he was a change management consultant with Accenture and later co-founded several startups in the areas of green buildings, software and energy efficiency.

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , University of Colorado

MA - Master of Arts | , University of South Carolina

BS - Bachelor of Science | , Miami University


Founder, sharing Economy Accelerator Barcelona , Sharing Economy Accelerator, Barcelona (2015-)

Advisory Board, Smart Cities Council (2013-)

Co-founder, CO2 Impact Social Carbon (2009-)

Co-founder, Visible Strategies (2007-2008)

Co-founder, Recollective Green Building Consulting (2006-2007)

Change Management Consultant, Accenture (1996-1998)


Director of Innovation & Associate Professor; Founding Academic Director of the Centre for Innovation in Cities, Universidad del Desarrollo, Colombia (2013-2015)

Associate Professor & Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship, Universidad San Andrés, Argentina (2012-2013)

Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia (2009-2011)

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Program Director & Member of Centre for Sustainable Comunity Development, Simon Fraser University Entrepreneurship Program Founder (2006-2009)

Assistant Professor, University of Victoria Entrepreneurship, CSR, Strategy (2002-2006)

Assistant Professor, Instituto de Empresa, Sustainable Entrepreneurship (2001-2002)

Visiting Professor

Visiting professor, INCAE (2003-2005)

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Working Paper

COHEN, B. , Muñoz, P. Towards a Triple Embedded View of Entrepreneurship. : Academy of Mangement Perspectives.

Book, Scholarly

COHEN, B. (2017). Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Startups for the 99%. : .

Book, Non-Scholarly

COHEN, B. (2016). The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur. : .

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Chapters in Scholarly Book

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