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Antonio Blanco Gracia

Antonio Blanco Gracia

Toni Blanco is an Economist from the UAB. He has completed postgraduate studies in Deusto and the UOC and holds a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the UAM. He has been CEO of Onion Interactiva, has participated in the creation of several companies and has 20 years of experience as a consultant in strategic planning and organization in large companies and national and international public institutions. Specialization in technology and online working, he participates in research on management innovation theory. He is a member of the Consejo Asesor del Observatorio Permanente de Fabricación Aditiva y Neoindustria (OPTFAIN).

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Master Oficial Sociedad de la Información y Conocimiento, UOC

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration | , UAB

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Curso Comercio Exterior, Colegio de Abogados


Professor, Escuela de Organización Industrial (2009-2011)


Operations Director, Allvideo Technologies S.A. Madrid (2002-2003)

Operations Director, Onion Interactiva S.A. Madrid (1999-2002)

Journal Article, Scholarly

BLANCO GRACIA, A. (2018). Assange vs Zuckerberg: Symbolic Construction of Contemporary Cultural Heroes. : Organization Studies.