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Alexis Mavrommatis

Alexis Mavrommatis

Alexis Mavrommatis is an executive graduate from the University of Cambridge (Sustainable Leadership) and Harvard Business School. PhD, and MSc in Retail Management from the University of Stirling. He worked for Carrefour and as a senior consultant for JDV The Retail Company, developing innovative store concepts for retailers and manufacturers (Carrefour, P & G, Coca-Cola, Masterfoods, Eroski). He teaches and researches in the areas of Marketing, Retailing, Multichannel strategies, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. He has been invited to more than 70 professional and academic conferences, and in 2012 was ranked 33rd Business Professor according to The Economist. His latest academic publication is in the “European Journal of Marketing” regarding on decision making on product elimination.

Retail Internationalisation;Store Image;Store Positioning;Brand Personality in Retailing; Green Marketing; Green Retailing; Multichannel strategies

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Executive Education, University of Cambridge

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Executive Education , Harvard Business School

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Executive Education, ESADE

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , University of Stirling

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Master in Retail Management, University of Stirling

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration | , American College of Athens

European Marketing Academy - EMAC

Institute for Retail Studies - IRS


Full Time Professor , EADA (2005-)

Head of Marketing Dept, EADA (2008-2012)

Professor, ESADE (2002-2005)

Teaching assistant, Stirling University (1999-2003)

Visiting Professor

, Rouen Business School (2005-2009)

, Institute for Retail Studies (2003-2005)


Senior consultant, Jos de Vries The Retail Company (2002-2005)

Retail Consultant, Free-lance (2000-2002)

Category Manager, Group Promodès Hellas (Athens - Greece) (1997-1997)

ACCIO (2010 - )

Innoval/Alimentaria (2007 - 2008)

Carrefour Spain (2007 - 2007)

CocaCola Spain (2007 - 2007)

Caprabo Supermarkets (2006 - 2006)

Journal Article, Non-Scholarly

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Book, Scholarly

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Journal Article, Scholarly

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Conference Proceeding

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Studies and Reports

MAVROMMATIS, A. , Waffender , J. (2010). Sustainable development in Spain – a market opportunity?. : .

Case Study with Teaching Note

MAVROMMATIS, A. , ROMAN COY, D. , PEREZ FERNANDEZ, L. The A65 Toll Road Dilemma: Balancing Economic progress with Environmental Protection. : .

MAVROMMATIS, A. , Quintavalle, A. (2009). The New WatchWinder. : EADA.

Working Paper

MAVROMMATIS, A. (2009). Contextual Effects on the Magnitude of Assortment Reduction in Grocery Retailing. : EADA.


MAVROMMATIS, A. (2009). The green shopping experience. : XXIV Jornadas de Distribución Comercial : Shopping Experience, la experiencia de compra.

Doctoral Theses

MAVROMMATIS, A. (2003). Standardisation in International Retailing: Transferring Store Brand Image. : University of Stirling.