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The MAP - MARKET ASSESMENT PROGRAM - provides advice and support to innovation free of charge. Its mission is to bring to market those research projects that intend to become a technology-based company (TBC), those that use technology as an entry barrier that preserves their competitiveness and sets the difference with the rest of their competitors.

The output of each project is a complete Business Plan and, as a result of the work, can be eligible to be further supported either by other of the business accelerating units and programs within ACCIÓ and to bring it closer to the capital markets for financing and development. 

The final outcome of the program is the presentation of a group of projects and start-ups to potentially interested investors’ groups who might contribute with their resources to the start-up need to grow up and develop, with the support of the Entrepreneurship Centre of EADA.


Addressed to

  • Professionals of public or private research centers
  • Entrepreneurs that are planing on creating a new technology based company; or to those technologically-based companies which are in the early stages of development and whose business models are yet to be validated or needing a new market frame to then evolve through the market test.
  • Companies already established and interested in creating innovative business divisions as technology-based spin-outs 


How does it work

Each Project is assigned to a Team that consists of a combination of participants from EADA’s various Master programs, representatives of the research or entrepreneurial team, each team led by a teacher, a professional expert on the selected project, and supplemented by an academic tutor and a panel of experts who will judge it.  


Deadlines and Details

PROJECT PRESENTATION TERM: 27th September to 27th of October 2017 -  DEADLINE 

Deadline extended until November 2 at 11:59 PM

  • From October 30th until November 3rd  - Communication of pre-admitted projects 
  • Week of November 6 2017 - Training session for pre-admitted
  • November 15 - 9:00 to 14:00 Tribunal admission of projects (at agreed time)
  • The development of the projects and work with the team will be most likely carried out in English.

Access to the application form:

Application Form

Additional Program Benefits

  • To work assisted by a dedicated multicultural team, which brings 1500h to the project
  • More than 20 hours of specific practical training for entrepreneurs, with specific modules on Customer Development, Sales and Negotiation techniques for technical profiles , effective project presentation, Strategy and Financing
  • Presentation Session to investors and companies potentially interested
  • Awards for "Best Project" (3,000 € to the first place fand 2,000 € to runner-up)


David Pastorino

Co-founder   of   Mimetis Biomaterials

"The MAP program has enabled the founders of Mimetis connect with people, knowledge and in general a highly favorable environment for the development of new ideas and innovations. The knowledge acquired during the program represents the basis on which Mimetis has grown. Specifically, program has helped define / redefine the value proposition, channels, customer segmentation and general market. In addition, the program participants provided knowledge and experience in the finance, investment and optimization of the company for its founders.

Overall, the program has opened new perspectives to the company, making possible the first investment round completed a few months later. In the medium term, today, Mimetis is still using instruments discovered during the MAP program, especially financial. "


Doubts, questions or clarifications contact or 934 520 844 ext 1406

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