EADA Corporate

Why EADA Corporate?


As a training centre for executives, EADA understands that being close to businesses is a central pillar of our activity and a future guarantee. This proximity provides us with the expertise necessary to translate this knowledge into new training programmes and a better overall service to corporate clients. EADA strongly supports the consolidation of this knowledge with the business world through strategic partnership relations and loyalty that means our customers increase business, improve productivity and reinforce the involvement of people, always from an innovative, international perspective.

An integrated business approach

Coaching Centre

Unique in Europe
How do new techniques applied to neuroscience contribute to the development of socio-emotional competencies?

Enterpreneurship Centre

How can we manage the company's entrepreneurial profiles and transform them into added value?

Retail Management Centre

Leading retail centre in Spain
How do we relate new insights in buying behaviour with the most advanced retail ideas?

Global Innovation Management Centre

How can we incorporate innovation into the day-to-day workings of the organisation and turn ideas into business?

CSR Centre

Can the ROI of actions be calculated in order to determine the best Corporate Social Responsibility strategies?

EADA Corporate is the school department that focuses on relations with organisations.

From EADA Corporate we offer comprehensive and global solutions to organisations and institutions, and are strategic partners in developing and training people in middle and upper management posts.

We listen, analyse and study the reality of companies and go on to design proposals that are adapted to the needs of our corporate customers in order to accomplish maximum results.

We work through customised training, consultancy, coaching, networking, applied research as well as conferences, workshops, sector forums and talent recruitment, always from a practical approach and with an impact on the business and on people.

As a school we are methodologically innovative, practical and flexible in order to accommodate and adapt the projects as far as possible to each organisation’s needs.

A strategic and result-oriented approach

  • We link training to the development of the company’s strategies.
  • We provide solutions and support in change and improvement processes.
  • We foster creativity and innovation processes inside organisations.
  • We develop inhouse talent of organisations in order to help them be more competitive in their lines of business.
  • We select and incorporate the best talent for organisations and prepare professionals to take on corporate objectives.

Areas of collaboration

Open Programs

Grants and discounts, Workers' plan, free seminars and lectures and corporate branding.

Aplied Research

We take part in studies and research initiatives applied directly to the company.

Customised Solutions

Incompany training and consultancy linked to developing the company strategy.


We have premises that are ideally suited to training and competencies development.

Professional Internships

The possibility of selecting participants on EADA programmes for internship scholarships.


Attracting and developing inhouse talent in order to improve the company's competitive edge.


Reinforcing the relationship among institutions in order to stregthen relations.