Global solutions for partner companies

As a training centre for executives, EADA understands that being close to businesses is a central pillar of our activity and a future guarantee. This proximity provides us with the expertise necessary to translate this knowledge into new training programmes and a better overall service to corporate clients.

EADA strongly supports the consolidation of this knowledge with the business world through strategic partnership relations and loyalty that means our customers increase business, improve productivity and reinforce the involvement of people, always from an innovative, international perspective.



At EADA Corporate, we answer the multiple, varied needs of the corporate world: in-company programmes and research applied to the business reality, professional accreditations and consultancy; and we also help companies in their internal talent development policies and in the selection of the best professionals.

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" To continue investing in training and development, we need to align these factors with the organization's strategy and ensure the transfer and impact on the business".


" We want to implant a model of our own leadership and make a qualitative leap in the development of our executives".


"We have the challenge of getting our professionals to act as developers of innovative business models ".

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