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“Your success is also our success. The reputation of EADA Alumni in the corporate world is an invaluable contribution to your fellow Alumni and EADA.”


The EADA Career Service was set up in order to provide support to current students and Alumni in order to assist them in preparation for their professional careers and development. It also aims to provide career opportunities to its users by forging close relationships with renowned and relevant recruiters, both nationally and internationally. It is not to be overlooked that our Alumni relations are also key here as many of our Alumni go on to work for the world’s leading organizations.

In a nutshell, take advantage of the preparation offered to you. It will stand you in good stead to take positions as true future leaders and contributors in the corporate arena.

Lots of companies, from different sectors and nationalities, visits us in order to present their company, their selection processes, etc.




The Maters and MBA students, and some of Executive Education Programmes who wants to do internships, must ask their Career Advisor to know the conditions.

The Internship are, in all the cases EXTRA-CURRICULAR. EADA is not drafted to provide internships to the participants. Even though, the Careers advisors will inform to the participants in case there are vacancies with their profiles.

EADA Career service does not provide the documentation of visas and formalities of the internships, renovations of NIE, etc. It will be responsibility of each student take care and control of all the documents necessaries to be able to do any internship.

It is absolutely necessary to have an internship contract signed by both parts: the company and EADA, before the beginning of the student internship. EADA does not be responsible if the student starts the internship before having all the documentation ready.

If it is an intentional internship, EADA will be exempt from the insurance policy, being this one responsibility of the contracting company.

The agreement can be cancelled in any moment for both parts, the company and the student. It is necessary communicate the anticipated resolution of the same to EADA Careers. And also the main reason of this resolution.




Without a doubt one of the most valued services offered by the Careers team is the one-on-one advising offered to students. Due to our smaller class sizes compared to other Business Schools, Careers Service advisors at EADA can really get to know participants well and this is a definite plus in terms of being able to guide you correctly throughout your job searches.

At the beginning of your programme your Career Advisor will provide you with an agenda to book a one-on-one session. Advising sessions work on an appointment basis and can cover, amongst other areas, items such as:

  • Reviewing the exercises, especially the CV, you will have prepared from your Online pre-pack.
  • Professional orientation: Support in defining your professional objectives whether it be a change of function and /or sector or help in designing your career path.
  • Interview Practise and Assessment center preparation: This service is offered when you have received an interview offer from a company. We will practice a mock-interview with you in order to give you a better chance of success on the day.
  • Identifying which online resources can best assist you with your professional objectives.


Please come prepared to the one-on-one sessions so you get the most out of them.

Check out the conditions:




In 2015 the Alumni mentorship platform was born, this platform encourage Alumni to collaborate with another Alumni during their professional careers. It is a unique opportunity to collaborate with other students, increase networking and the EADA experience.

Mentorship Platform