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As a member of the EADA Alumni Community you’ll receive, usually at the end of each month, an email with the department’s latest news (highlights, news, events, etc.)

Why am I not receiving the Alumni newsletter?

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Social Media EADA Alumni:

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  • LinkedIn EADA Alumni
  • Executive MBA, International MBA and Executive Education Profiles
  • LinkedIn EADA Alumni. Comunidad de RRHH: HR Community: sharing the 2 Grow and Innovative Business Programmes workshops. Also featuring news published in the media linked to HR
  • Twitter EADA Alumni: sharing content of interest to Alumni and current students: Alumni experiences/testimonials, classroom activities, information about programmes, trends.
  • Facebook Alumni:
  • Facebook group for international students and Alumni with an international profile



  • EADAview: six-monthly journal featuring interviews with major figures in the business or education sectors. Also providing a summary of the international activity undertaken by EADA Business School and its institutional arrangements
  • Blog EADA : Enjoy articles and reports showcased on our official blog.
  • Master & MBA BlogBlog with information for Master & MBA students


Campus Virtual EADA Alumni & EADA Careers

As well as updating your profile, you can access the “Alumni” and Professional Careers” sections “Alumni” and “EADA Careers”.

Remember that, if you've lost your access keys, you can contact to request new ones.


Alumni & Careers Team

  • You can contact the EADA Alumni & EADA Careers team. We’ll be delighted to help you!

  • Alumni Communication: if you have any queries about the Alumni newsletters described in this section, contact Soraya del Ángel Moreno, Alumni Communications (