Additional Training

Your continued development is highly important for us. Remember to check your Agenda to know the next sessions.

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Alumni Clubs

At present, EADA Alumni counts on specific clubs to promote professional development, exchange ideas and build strong business networks. The Clubs we are currently building are Finance and Consulting, Human Resources or Entrepreneurship & Society. Clubs rely on the support and help of Alumni and are open to Alumni and current participants. Full details will be explained to you in welcome sessions. More information about EADA Clubs.

On-line events

Don’t miss the different on-line events that are available in your Virtual Campus.

EADA Careers Workshops

EADA Careers organize, monthly, different workshop sessions. Check your agenda to know which are the next ones!


  • Workshop 1: Design your job search strategy and build a differentiating CV: This session is essential since we will work on how to design your job search strategy focusing on your target companies, increasing your visibility and the use of professional networks. In this workshop you will find resources to discover your proposition value in the market labour and define your professional goals. You will be aware of the competitive aspects of your candidacy, you will find the keys to write a strategic CV that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and you will discover the most effective search job channels.
  • Workshop 2: Interview: This workshop is focused to improve your potential in an interview. Discover the reasons behind the interviewer’s questions and prepare you to make a better and greater impact.