Many participants have studied in our classrooms. Here are some of our Alumni, who entrusted EADA with their education. EADA Alumni would like to thank everyone who has sent feedback. If you wish to write a testimonial, please contact us.

Luís A. García Giralt

Founder & GM at ZeKoGram. Advisory Board Member of SNCI. Board Member of Butler Scientifics



2010 - 2011

"In 2010, I was in a difficult place professionally. I didn’t want to continue working for third parties, but I felt my business knowledge wasn’t sufficiently consolidated to branch out on my own. When I examined the options available in Barcelona, EADA was emphatically recommended if I wanted to prioritise learning over other minor considerations, especially for Economics and Finance, one of my main shortcomings back then.

I was surprised to find much more than I’d bargained for, because EADA is much more than an excellent management development centre specialising in Economics and Finance. I didn’t expect to “rediscover” marketing, but I did, thanks to Duarte’s inspirational classes and our dear friend Víctor Moliner, nor the personal evolution I underwent due to Koos and the residential programme at Collbató, which was all a shared experience with fine people such as Lluís, Max and Ray, fellow warriors back then, and now also collaborators, partners and travel buddies."  

Miguel García Moreno

Executive Assistant to General Manager. Hotel Palladium Palma



2014 - 2015

"I needed to take my development to the next level and I knew EADA was one of the leading business schools with an excellent “Hospitality” programme. This experience opened my mind and allowed my inner businessman to emerge. Applying the entrepreneurship programme and becoming an "intrapreneur” has clearly taken my personal and professional careers to the next level."

Borja Lafuente Sanz

CSR Manager en Danone



2015 - 2016

"The effort involved in studying an EMBA allows you to grow professionally and personally. EADA takes charge of providing all the means necessary and with the finest quality, meaning you acquire knowledge that, applied to your daily routine, produces the desired results. This makes you realise that it’s probably the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself."

Laia Vives

Risk Manager at European Investment Fund (EIF)



2012 - 2013

"I decided to study the Executive Master in Financial Management at EADA because, compared to the content of Masters offered at other business schools, it was the one best suited to my needs. I’d also received good references from acquaintances who had studied at EADA previously, which helped sway my decision. I liked the Master’s practical focus, and the management skills sessions held during the stays at Collbató, which gave the Master not only technical knowledge, but also enhanced personal leadership and the vitally important soft skills for any job. I have fond memories of my classmates and, specifically, of my project group, where we were able to apply the Master knowledge to a real case study.  

When I finished the Master, I had the chance to join EADA Alumni and help promote the Finance Community along with other ex-students from different graduating classes. The experience meant I could apply the school’s values by organising activities to enhance knowledge and networking, and contribute to maintaining cooperation among former students."

Carla Quesada

Marketing Concept Manager & Marketing Expansion Responsible at H&M



2014 - 2015

"I moved from Venezuela three years ago. In September 2014, I studied the International Master in Marketing at EADA. At the time, my goals upon finishing the Master were fairly enthusiastic: continue living abroad, find my dream job, in a dream company.

My expectations for the upcoming academic year were very high. Now, a year and a half after completing my studies at EADA, and with a year and a half working for H&M Spain and Portugal under my belt: I can confirm that EADA was the key factor in my development and in attaining the personal and academic goals I had. The overall combination of all the elements from that year completely influenced me: the case study methodology used in each class; the way that, on a daily basis, the students found value in the experiences and contributions from classmates; the invaluable group of lecturers, each with different strengths that helped us to develop in each area; the Personal Development Programs at Collbató; in addition to the commitment from EADA Careers, which supported us throughout the whole process until we graduated."

Javier Rivas Palma

Logistics Processes Deputy Manager at Celsa Group



2013 - 2014

"EADA has contributed greatly to my personal and professional development, providing a global business perspective from an operations standpoint in a programme led by excellent professionals and in a close-knit and highly-motivating working environment.

The sharing experience with magnificent classmates from different sectors, countless hours discussing cases, simulations and projects, has been a privilege.

I also want to highlight the experience and work of the EADA Careers team, whom, thanks to their collaboration and ability to motivate, have helped me achieve a major goal I’d set at the beginning of the programme: find my opportunity and successfully undertake a professional transition."

Andreu Camps

Key Account Manager at Diversey



2012 - 2013

"My time at EADA in 2012 studying the Commercial Management and Sales programme marked a before and after in my professional career. In a time of transition, it provided access to people and high value content that gave me the trust, knowledge, language and serenity to successfully meet the daily challenges faced in a major multinational.

I decided to go with EADA and really make the most of my time at the school, attending conferences, training and receiving advice from EADA Careers, improving my skills at drafting a strategic CV and preparing for a job interview. I remember practising with Miquel Roselló, the EADA Careers advisor, days before the final interview in a demanding recruitment procedure.

Today, 4 years after successfully getting through that procedure, and having recently been promoted, I can confirm that choosing EADA was definitely the right decision."