Finanzas y Control de Gestión

Gavin Lee Kretzschmar

Gavin Lee Kretzschmar

El Dr Gavin Lee Kretzschmar és llicenciat en comptabilitat amb matrícula d'honor i Doctor en Finances per University of Edinburgh Business School. És especialista en valoració, finances estructurades i banca. Va treballar durant 18 anys com a executiu del sector bancari a les principals institucions financeres, com Standard Bank of South Africa i va ser director de Banca a la companyia de Moody 's Analytics - Barrie and Hibbert. Posteriorment, va ser director de programa a Edinburgh University Business School a més de dirigir la càtedra de PwC i Comptabilitat per Àsia Central. Gavin és autor de nombrosos articles peer reviewed en prestigioses revistes com: Journal of Banking and Finance, Accounting Forum, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, així com a Energy and Energy Economics Journals. Gavin és professor al Departament de Finances i Control de Gestió d'EADA.

Corporate Finance, Energy, Banking

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Chartered Accountant SA, Institute of Chartered Accountants

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , Edinburgh Business School, University of Edinburgh

Other (e.g. Graduate in Psychology, Engineering...) | Graduate in Accounting & Quantitative Analysis, University of Natal

Institute of Chartered Accountants - SAICA


Professor, PwC Chair of Accounting and Finance, KIMEP University, Almaty, Kazakhstan (2009-)

Finance Lecturer and Director of the International Management Program, University of Edinburgh (2003-2012)


CEO, Absa Sub-Prime (2001-2003)

Finance Director, Standard Bank of South Africa (1991-2001)

Chartered Accountant and Supervisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers (1987-1991)

PwC-EADA - Joint Client Executive Masters Programmes (2015 - 2016)

KazMunayGas National Company (KMG NC) (2014 - 2015)

Max Petroleum (2014 - 2015)

PetroKazakhstan (2014 - 2015)

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Sovereign Wealth Fund Benchmarking ( - 2011)

Financial Service Authority - Market Liquidity Estimation (2009 - 2010)

Bank of Scotland - Project Finance-equity, senior debt pricing ( - 2008)

Royal Bank of Scotland - Euro System Integration Project ( - 2008)

WoodMackenzie - Analysis of price risk effect ( - 2008)

WoodMackenzie - Analysis of oil and gas sector mergers and acquisitions and FDI ( - 2006)

Journal Article, Scholarly

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Chapters in Scholarly Book

McNeil, A. , KRETZSCHMAR, G. , Kirchner, A. (2012). Making the Case for Integrated Bank Risk Models. : .


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Conference Proceeding

NURMAKHANOVA, M. , KRETZSCHMAR, G. (2011). Kazakhstan: The Real Currency and Growth Challenge for Commodity Producing Countries. Dubai Conference: International Review of Business Proceedings.

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Working Paper

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