If it works, change it

If it works, change it
Time: 19:00
Place: EADA, C/Aragón, 204
Price: Free
If it works, change it

Trends in innovation for restless people


EADA Alumni brings you this talk, full of surprises, news and emotions, given by Franc Ponti, Director of EADA’s Centre for Innovation and one of the leading experts in innovation in current times.

• The world is changing fast; as a result, companies must move at a dizzying pace, too.
• In the words of Peter Drucker, innovation is to build future scenarios before your competitors do...
• In this context, the old belief of "If it works, don’t touch it" is no longer valid.
• Where is innovation heading? Design thinking? Open and Cross Innovation? Gamestorming?  Rulebreaking? Companies-Experience with very little hierarchy?
• Today we need a new reality: If something works, change it before your competitors do ...

Date, time and place

21 December 2010
TIME: 19.00 to 20:30
PLACE: EADA, C/Aragón, 204
COST: Free


This event will be in Spanish


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