India, Near East & Middle East Scholarship MBA

This scholarship applies to:

International MBA

For candidates from India, the Near East and the Middle East.


  • 1st deadline:
    April 15, 2016
  • 2nd deadline:
    May 31, 2016
  • 2nd deadline:
    July 15, 2016

This scholarship covers 25% of the total programme fee. Scholarships and other discounts are not accumulative. Scholarships will be applied to the last payment of the programme.


Scholarship applications are available to all candidates who have successfully completed the admission process and paid 25% of the total fee of the  programme.


This scholarship has several deadlines. The required documentation must be sent by post to:

Attn: Admissions Department
C/ Aragó 204
08011 Barcelona (Spain)

Please refer to the Scholarship Deadlines box above for further information on when to apply.


EADA will notify candidates of the results via e-mail within one month of the deadline.


  1. The scholarship application form. Download the form here for programmes in English and here for programmes in Spanish.
  2. A copy of the admission letter issued by EADA.
  3. A copy of the formal enrolment paperwork (and receipt) issued by EADA
  4. A letter introducing yourself and explaining why you are an outstanding candidate for the scholarship.
  5. A letter of recommendation from your professional or academic background. (This recommendation must be written by someone other than the two references used during the admission process.)
  6. A list of other activities that you are involved in such as student associations, professional forums, sports, etc.


All scholarship recipients commit themselves to participating in the programme with a high level of dedication and excellence.

The scholarships given by EADA commit participants to collaborating in a research project proposed by EADA. The project will be assigned by the school and carried out during the programme.

In submitting the application, candidates agree to the terms and conditions described here.

Special conditions

Special enrolment cancelation conditions apply to scholarship applicants. Unsuccessful scholarship applicants who cancel their enrolment within 10 working days of not being awarded the scholarship will be refunded all the payment(s) made towards the programme minus an administrative fee of 300€. After 10 working days, the normal cancelation conditions will apply.

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10:00. Meet us in Los Angeles, USA

Wednesday, September 21

17:00. Conferencia: Implicaciones fiscales en la movilidad internacional de los empleados.

Thursday, September 22

16:30. Taller: 'Flexibilidad y adaptación como competencias clave del líder actual'

Monday, September 26

09:00. Imagine Barcelona IoT - are you an EADA Dreamer?

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